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Macbooks are getting on my nerves

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Macbooks are getting on my nerves

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I've recently taken a switch of jobs. I was previously a cashier for Walmart and a waiter at Wendy's. Finally, after a good 3 years of studying while working, I managed to scrap enough funds to buy a brand new m1 air 2020–complete with student discount and everything.

All throughout my working days, I was sneaking in studying for B2C and B2B SEO lessons because I was really interested in digital marketing and just the idea of not commuting was so appealing to me. Not having an updated mobile phone (i own an iPhone 5) nor a desktop/laptop was my main hindrance. This is why I made it a goal to save up.

I didn't make this decision in a spontaneous bout, I actually did my research, I read through very intensive guides on how to become a B2B SEO consultant or expertlike this: and I took the extra mile in comparing all the available information I can find on buying the most efficient laptop that would suit my needs. The m1 air felt so perfect on paper, but right now it is struggling.

Just having multiple tabs open (I have 40+ tabs open at a time) and a force quit window keeps popping up. It's always telling me I'm running out of memory. The no fan feature initially felt amazing, but my device is constantly heating up. I'm honestly starting to regret my decision :((
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