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Question about blue ray+Jailbreak

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Question about blue ray+Jailbreak

Post by Ikefix »

Hello, I have a technical question
3 kids from my neighbourhood bought together a faulty PS4, but they did not know and it is impossible to find the swindler, her mother (they are brothers) asked me to "repair it", they are not rich at all and they cannot afford a sat.

I have a good background at following tutorials for jailbreaking things but not with soldering (my poor acer extensa can tell you)

Firmware is 4.06 I think it is very low, so Ithat is good

Error is ce 35888-2, I know what you have to do, the thing is that the console has been already opened, seals are broken, and Im sure that the chip Renesas to change is not the original

So my question is, could I bypass this faulty bdrom by jailbreaking the console and so the console is working at least offline and with games a little bit old? at least they can play minecraft or Fifa 20 or something like that

If you have kids or little brothers, please take a minute to answer,

If this is not the correct place, sorry

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