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Website building and everythin in-between on a Mac

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Website building and everythin in-between on a Mac

Post by imnotreallysure »

I was with one of my older gamer friends the other day and saw that he had a pretty sick gaming set-up. I asked him about it and he told me that it doubles as a coding/website building pc with the specs and etc. I know nothing about PCs and have only owned MacBooks my entire life. I also want to be into coding/IT in the future. Is it possible for me to practice coding and etc on my mac pro m1 2020 or do I have to buy a pc set up like him?
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Re: Website building and everythin in-between on a Mac

Post by oreganolover »

It's absolutely not necessary for you to upgrade to a full-blown pc unless you want to run a multiple window setup which is pretty common for people who are into coding. I code and do programming on my 2016 MacBook pro just fine, still see no reason to upgrade since it's still running as fast and as smooth as I want it to.

Also, if you're looking for it to use for building websites, it works just fine too. I mainly code and create dropshipping stores on a site called Shopify. Pretty easy stuff once you get the hang of it (linking an article here for reference)
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Re: Website building and everythin in-between on a Mac

Post by bebembop »

Totes agree with this dude!!! I code myself and use a Macbook Pro 16. I create plugins for website for their sales automation. (to give you an overview of what it is, this article might give you an idea) I run on a 2.3GHz 8‑core Intel Core i9 with 1TB of memory. So coding on a MacBook is totally fine for a beginner. It's not about the hardware to be honest or what operating system you use cause in coding it's about what will be efficient and effective for you when applying the things you learned in Bootcamp (if you are doing one of course) cause it can be tough getting started but once you get the hang of it you'll be well on your way to be a pro at it. Upgrading to a PC is cool tho don't get me wrong but I use it for gaming purposes only.
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