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DosboxPSP Compatibility

Most of the homebrews discussed in this forum can be downloaded here
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DosboxPSP Compatibility

Post by michelemassa »

Compatibility List (updated, sorted and colored by mcshortcut, Compiled by Zion)

Note from Zion - Please check if the game hasnt been submitted/in the list already before you post its compatibilty status.... And Please post PAL/NTSC

Green = Works
Yellow = Issues
Red = Doesn't Work

Game list
Pac-Man; Works
Paku-Paku; Works
Pc-Man; Works
Mame 0.37b5 for DOS; gives Bus Error Exception.
Mame 0.37b12 for DOS; gives Bus Error Exception.
Mame 0.37b14 for DOS; gives Bus Error Exception.
Mega Man; Works
Nesticle; Works
Windows 1.x; Works, needs keyboard
Windows 2.x; Works slow, needs keyboard
Windows 3.x; Works slow, needs keyboard
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