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nullDC PSP Compatibility

Most of the homebrews discussed in this forum can be downloaded here
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nullDC PSP Compatibility

Post by michelemassa »

Compatibility List (updated, sorted and colored by mcshortcut, Compiled by Zion)

Note from Zion - Please check if the game hasnt been submitted/in the list already before you post its compatibilty status.... And Please post PAL/NTSC


Commercial Games
18 wheeler; runs
Atari anniversary edition dc; Doesn't work and weard glitching error and the gfxs are terrible.
Baldr Force EXE; Gfx glitches
Bomberman DC Online; visual glitches?
Crazy taxi 1-2; runs
Jet set radio; Runs
Mr driller japan; Gfx glitches
Mr driller; Works
Ms pacman dc maze madness usa/eur; Runs but doesn't seem to work
Namco museum dc; Black screen
Power stone 1-2; runs
Puyo puyo 4; Weard glitching error and the gfxs are terrible and no sound....
Puyo puyo fever; runs fine has less visual glitches
Rainbow cotton dc; does not seem to work
Rayman DC - kaizoku-sen kara no dasshutsu; minor gfx glitches
Rayman 2 DC; runs
Resident evil 2; No longer boots
Resident evil 3 nemesis; crashes after boot...
Resident evil code veronica; freezes
Ring dc; Gfxs are terrible
Sega Smashpack Vol1; Doesn't Boot and PSP hangs
Sonic adventure 1-2; Works
Space channel 5; does not work
Worms dc armageddon; Doesn't work

Homebrew Games
Dream-O-rama; Black screen
Dream-Snes; Runs but doesn't seem to work
Driver 2 Bleemshell; Few many glitchy gfxs but doesn't seem to work.
gpSPDC; Empty Screen
NesterDC; Empty Screen
NgineSnes9x; Empty Screen. Doesn't Launch
Pac-Man Remake Dreamcast; Boots but doesn't seem to work.
Pac-Man World Bleemshell; Doesn't seem to work
Rockman dash 2 episode 2 ooinaru isan bleemshell; runs but doesn't seem to work.

Prototype/Demo/Bootleg Games
Mr driller prototype; doesn't work and gfx glitches
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