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What Is The Best CFW For PSP E1004?

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What Is The Best CFW For PSP E1004?

Post by Metercedes »

I have PSP E1004 but I wonder which CFW should I install on my device? Which should be the best for it? I heard so many things now my mind is messed enough with all those information. Since Wololo is one of the best PSP forum I'm asking for it. Actually, I was going to ask this to Reddit but people on there has limited knowledge, they generally good at mechanic jobs so I'm here. I heard; PRO-B, PRO-B10, PRO-C, PRO-C2, PRO-C2+Yoti Mod, Infinity 2.0, DarkSpeed, LightSpeed, LME, ME and more! So I need help with this. Lastly, I heard that some people modding these for example, "PRO-C2 Yoti Mod" so if the CFW that you are going to suggest to me has also modded version, please share it as well! (Please share official and full links!)

Device Information;
  • Device: PSP E1004
  • CFW Applied Before: Affirmative
  • Version: 6.61
  • Current Version: 6.61 (CFW Removed, official 6.61 installed.)

NOTE: Please answer if your information is 100% accurate and sure.


(By the way sorry for my English, if you can't understand anything, just ask it, so I'll try to explain it better.)
"The greatest battle is the battle against ignorance."
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