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What is your Favorite game?

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Re: What is your Favorite game?

Post by sneazzy95 »

My favorite games at the moment are :
- Disco Elysium
- Asgard's Wrath
- The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
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Re: What is your Favorite game?

Post by markwn »

Have you played Ori and the Will of the Wisps? I have not played such an interesting game for a long time.
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I’ve owned the Switch for 8 months and these are my favorite games and my experience.

Post by mozzec »

To give you an idea of what games I like to play, I typically don’t like RPG games, but loved FF 7 growing up on PS. I also love Zelda games, but I don’t have Breath of the Wild yet because I want more time to play it.

My main system is an Xbox One and my all time favorite games are the Halo franchise, and currently spend a lot of time on Rocket League, Sea of Thieves, and Cuphead (which is extremely difficult).

Here are my favorite Switch games in order:

Splatoon 2

Mario Kart 8

Pinball FX

Yoku’s Island Express

Super Mario Odyssey

Baba is you

Overcooked 2

NBA Playground 2

Tetris 99

Super Smash *love the game, but I need more time to get better at it and there are so many great players out there!

Pokémon Pikachu

Games I JUST bought today:

Graceful Explosion (sale), Riptide GP (sale), Metagal (sale), Violet (sale), Outlast 2 (sale) I have outlast 1 on Xbox

Games I bought and haven’t played:

Bouncy Bob, Robonauts, Not Not,

Games not on the list because I have them on another system:

Rocket League (play it weekly), Fortnite (getting bored), Final Fantasy 7 (After the Halo games, this is the best game I have ever played.)

Digital or physical copy?

Also, there are always questions on how to buy the games, digital download or physical. I went with digital downloads. The main reason is that I like having all my games with me at once and don’t want to carry all my games with me because I’m worried they will get lost or stolen.

The downside is that I can’t sell my games, but I will have them forever and never have to worry about losing them.


As for graphics, it’s the worst out of the Xbox, PC (gaming), and PS4, but it’s the most fun. I bring it with me everywhere. I am starting to play it more than Xbox.


-Orzly Comfort Grip Case. I love it! I bought it in smoke and protects my Switch. I have to take it off every time I dock it, but not a big deal. (Amazon)

-amFilm tempered glass. I typically don’t like tempered glass on my screens, but this works wonders and doesn’t seem to get any finger prints on it. (Amazon)

-tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying case. My switch fits perfect with my Orzly Comfort Grip. Love it. (Amazon)

-SD Card. Samsung Evo 256GB.

Well that’s it! Wanted to share my experience!
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Re: What is your Favorite game?

Post by rakesh456 »

1. Player unknown battlegrounds
2. Assassin creeds 2
3.Asphalt 9: legends
4.Uncharted 4
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Re: What is your Favorite game?

Post by Casamayor »

apollos wrote: Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:43 pm My favorite games is :
The Walking Dead
Rayman Legends
The lengend of zelda
The legend of Zelda is cool!
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Re: What is your Favorite game?

Post by Agrissimo »

I guess at the moment it is CS GO. Like its graphics and the ability to greatly upgrade the characters with the help of different skins etc.
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Re: What is your Favorite game?

Post by Jolek »

Quake 2.
Currently having great time thanks to vitaQuakeII.
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Re: What is your Favorite game?

Post by DrucillaCorker »

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Re: What is your Favorite game?

Post by KrisJU5 »

My favorite game list:
1.Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade
2.Super Mario 3D World
3.It Takes Two
5.Mass Effect
I love Strategy game too.
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Re: What is your Favorite game?

Post by mikeBlue »

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