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3ds problem

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3ds problem

Post by trashes »

hi. have a original small 3ds hardware problem . the 3ds does not charger the battery. the port was loose so the port was fixed by soldering.

whenever i connect the charger to 3ds (without the battery) the 3ds orange light turn ON for 5 seconds and turns OFF (but as soon as I insert a battery the mechanism doesnt works which would indicate the battery has been detected but no charge is sent into it)

here are a few things:

1. the 3ds works fine (gameplay, wifi, sound) etc. on battery
2. i have 3 batteries (original battery, nyko power plus, new 3ds xl battery) all work fine
3. the charger works fine (tested on my new 3ds xl and all tested another charger as well)
4. the 2 fuses work fine as well.
5. have a separate charging dock for 3ds and it has same problems as with the charger so the dock is not the problem

the issue is that the charging port conrols the orange light and it recognizes when a battery is put in place (thereby shutting the orange light mechanism) but the charging port does not send current to the battery connections at all even though the battery (when charged) does send charge to the 3ds (when i play a game on it)

can someone help me in this regard. thanks in advance
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