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[RELEASE] PixelRoad - Little game homebrew for 3DS

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[RELEASE] PixelRoad - Little game homebrew for 3DS

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Last Update:

New version for this hb, now it can be considered a real game-homebrew! :P

- Added timing for your play, test your accuracy and your speed!
- Added possibility to take screenshot of your result.
- Added new default levels
- Added possibility to load custom levels, you need only Paint to create new levels

Default levels:

To create custom levels, make your own level in BMP format and put it in levels folder named as NUM.bmp where NUM is the number of the level.


Original Post:

Hello everyone.

I was thinking to create something to show what can be done with lpp with a simple syntax (I think LUA is more user-friendly than C/C++) so i created this stupid "demo" game homebrew (i think i'll make it a real game hb after the implementation in lpp of a real graphic lib like openGL or SDL) which is more a sample for developer then a usefull game u.u.

In this game, you have to guide a pixel with your touchscreen from a start point (green) to a finish point (blue).
I said it is more a demo because it was developed in 5 minutes and it has only one level (just to show lpp syntax as i said).

If someone is interested, PixelRoad can be downloaded here:
If you want, visit my website: :D
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