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[RELEASE] Sunshell - A powerful shell for 3DS

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[RELEASE] Sunshell - A powerful shell for 3DS

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Sunshell is a shell inspired by Ahman work on PSP with irShell ( ... l-v52.html ).

It's coded in C and LUA and it provides a modules system.
Any developer can easily add their homebrews (both C and LUA homebrews) to Sunshell modules so their applications will be shown in Sunshell Main Menu.

Sunshell will be provided with some pre-installed modules:

- Videos: A video player which supports JPGV and BMPV videos
- Musics: A music player which supports WAV, OGG and AIFF musics
- Photos: A photo viewer which supports JPG, BMP and PNG images
- Filebrowser: A powerful filebrowser with lot of features
- Console Info: An info viewer to know some info about your system (Model, Kernel Version, System Version, Mac Address, etc...)
- Mail: A mail sender application
- Calc: A scientific/developers calculator like Windows ones
- CIA Manager: A CIA manager
- Applications: A 3DSX, imported CIA, Game Cartridge launcher
- Clock: A Cronometer, Countdown and Alarm clock utility
- FTP Server: An FTP Server utility
- Extdata Manager: An extdata dumper/restorer
- Themes Manager: Customize Sunshell with your themes

Video files must be put in VIDEO folder.
Music files must be put in MUSIC folder.
Photos must be put in DCIM folder (It support also subfolders).

Sunshell sourcecode is highly commented and idented to simplify devs works for conversion of their homebrews to Sunshell modules.

Final goal for this homebrew is to provide an universal alternative menu for 3DS.
It will be released in 3DSX, 3DS and CIA versions (Every build will have its efforts and its limitations).


Any suggestion for additional pre-installed modules is accepted.

Known issues:
- Random flickering screens on 3DS/CIA build. Don't know why this happens, if someone has any idea, please help me to solve this issue.
- Calc Module is probably very bugged, please report me any kind of bug you encounter.
- Using Sunshell as boot.3dsx make some Sunshell modules (like Applications) to be incompatible with CIA/3DS build. (If you, for example, want to use Sunshell as CIA on Gateway and as boot.3dsx on Ninjhax)

- Thanks to Apache Thunder for his awesome 3D banner

GitHub repository:
Download (Last release: v.0.3.8): Can be found on my HomePage
If you want, visit my website: :D
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