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Vita hacking,Rejuvenate installing&troubleshooting&more.....

Post here your guides, tips, how-to, etc...
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Jazoolee ahamed
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Vita hacking,Rejuvenate installing&troubleshooting&more.....

Post by Jazoolee ahamed » Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:29 pm

Can vita be hacked?
The vita is only being exploited. It can be hacked but it’s not that easy. The vita has the power of emulating psp,ps1,gamesboy,nes,snes,neogeo,segamastersytem,atari and many other more. But there are only emulators for the followings i mentioned. But if we really hack the vita (I mean like psp) from my knowledge we can also emulate more systems i.e. ps2.

How psp iso played?

Developers find an exploitable game for each firmware at a time and use its code to install a hack called vhbl/hbl(vita half byte loader) you can understand what it means by its name. Then we put the psp isos,ps1 games via it. I.e. for 3.51-Toukiden kiwami
3.52-puzzle scape

More details//

What is psmdev?
Psmdev means PlayStation developmemt.Sony gave any developer who signed up as a developer an application called psmdev,psmdevforunity which can be installed in vita via store and we can create games via its editor in pc but Sony stopped giving psmdevforunity long ago and psmdev recently(4/5 months ago) and closed its license for psmdev app.Because when the psmdev app announced a hacker called yifanlu found an exploitable code via psmdev app so Sony closed it.Yifan told that vita can be more effectively exploitable via psmdev than vhbl.

More details-

What is rejuvenate?
Rejuvenate/uvloader is called as a native hack for vita but developers claim it didn’t hacked the vita full. Rejuvenate is more powerful because Sony gave developers that kind of space accidently.Yifanlu,wololo and hackinformer announced that there will be a hack called uvloader(rejuvenate) and register for it’s license but lots of people missed to get the license. We need the license because the rejuvenate only can be installed via psmdev app.To install it people needs a license.

More details- ... or-psvita/(OFFICIAL)
Link1-// ... -homebrew/
Link2- ... ejuvenate/

What is psm+?

Psm+ is an alternative license for the app.But it should be updated every day with the eml trick. It can be used in both psmdev and psmdevforunity.

Psmdev and psmdevunity??

First yifan announced that rejuvenate is only compatible with psmdev but after Mr. Gas found a way to install psmdevunity without going to store he announced that it will be ported to psmdevunity.

More detail-I described how to install in the down section

Other PS vita tricks:-
Pkg installer-firmware under3.20 has a hidden official app called pkginstaller.Pkg is the vita's app format like(exe,gbc,nes,iso) if we can get the pkg file we can be install it.But the pkg should be drm(some kind of legal license) free most of the demos are drm free. The pkgnstaller can be opened via an email send by skfu an email like the vita live area but Sony patched it in firm wares up to 3.20.
More details- ... GINST.html ... l-ps-vita/

Eml trick
-after that developers Mr.Gas and Major_Tom found a way write a small code or give a pathway to vita's memory card via a trick called eml trick. First we decrypt a drm free pkg(it’s not public yet) and make an eml file contains the path code for vita's memory card in a picture format. We use it to install pkg files in firmwares up to 3.20

Method of installing a pkg-eml trick:-

1.Download and copy the decrypted pkg which is in a psp savedata format to vita via ocma/qcma
2.Rebuild database to clear registry files of vita do this by power offing your vita and hold powerbutton+R+psbutton to open the safe menu.
3.Then use a game’s or apps update by not open the app and tap the update button and go to notification panel and pause it but don’t cancel it.
4.Send the eml files to the email configured in your vita.Use thunderbird an application which can send .Eml files.
5.Go to your email open the email there will be two attachments shown as a picture click in the first it will tell cannot open image don’t press ok because it will close just press psbuttoon and close the email app then do it again now restart your vita open the notification panel and error will say cannot install application don’t afraid just click it it will install with a message hi from Mr. Gas.
6.That’s it.

How to install psmdevunity-

For those who didn’t have psmdev you can install it via eml-pkg trick.


Installing psm+-
Like i earlier said it is important to have a license to install application via psmdev/psmdevunity because of Sony closed psmlicense someone found a way for a temporary license. It is also an eml trick.First
You have to connect your vita to your pc via the psmdev or psmdevunity with publisher utility in your computer and find your device number and copy it.Now go to wololo's psmplus or hackinformers psm plus and enter your email configured in our vita and your device number. Press submit.A zip file will be asked to download(1/2kb) save it and extract it.Now close psmdev app and open email in vita do the eml thing.(for wololo's psmplus you have search psm in the email for hackinformer it will show up)then open your publishing utility in pc and import kdev key by clicking import publisher license in the top left. It will ask do you want to check it valid or not press no.Now import device seed and then the keyring.Now press next tutorial and do the same. If you done it correctly you will be told when you open the app that install application using psmeditor.
Installing rejuvenate:-
1.Download rejuvenate latest version from wololo,hackinformer or
2.Copy the kdev,seed and key ring to the rejuvenate folder.
3.Plug your vita in and open psmdev or psmdevunity.
4.Run setup.bat read the readme for to know the basic system
5.Answer the questions asked in it.enter the version now press in y for install vita defiler client make sure to plug your vita.
6.If you done everything correct it will install in your vita and copy vitadefilercliemt.Psdp in the folder.
7.Defiler is used to send data and read the code.
8.Now open vitadefilerclient in your vita and drag helloworld.elf to hombrew.bat for psmdev connect via usb for psmdevunity make sure to remove the usb and use a same wifi connection to connect vita and pc.
9.If helloworld runs successful.
10.Now go to wololo's archive or hackinformers psmdevforunity release page to find out the working emulators they will be in a format called
11.Download the rom for the emulator you have i.e. gbfixup-gbc/gb,nes4vita-nes
12.Open uvloader.Vds with notepad and you will see a command line called push hombrew.self copy and paste under it and change @1 into the rom name.format and hombrew.self into rom name.format save it.
13.Copy the rom and emulator into the rejuvenate folder and drag the emulator into hombre.bat and do the hello world thing. If you have write rom it will be shown in green.You can configure the buttons later.
EMULATOR-you can visit native hombrew page in wololo or psmdevunity release page at hackinformer
1.In email trick a pkg is not installing when pressing the error at last the pkg isn’t drm free or its decrypted in a wrong way like jstarvictory in hackinformer by freakler.
2.Pkg installer not opening-check your firmware
3.Psm+ not working asking to update the app or anything you are doing something wrong.
4.When running setup.bat vitadefilerclient not installing make sure to connect via usb and check drivers and 32bit or 64bit.
5.When opening an emulator or opening a file via vitadefilerclient if it says error c2-12828-8 the emulator is not ported for your version or you opening a non-supported rom.
6.When running hombrew.bat pc says error not suspended close it and psmdev open them repeat or first run the hombrew.bat and then open vitadefilerclient.
7.When running it says freedcode delete the rejuvneate folder and vitadefilerclient in vita and reinstall everything.
8.If your vita not found via network check your wifi,netframework,redistrables and make sure to remove usb for psmdevunity when running hombrew.bat.

Contact me-Twitter @jazooleeahamed
PSN-Jazoolee ahamed
PS Vita 3.60

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