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Any capable programmer willing to write up a new cheat app for the Vita?

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Any capable programmer willing to write up a new cheat app for the Vita?

Post by blueberrypie »

Hello all. Any capable programmer willing to write up a new cheat app for the Vita? The reason I ask is because the Vita scene could definitely use a new cheat program/app. The 1 we use right now called Vitacheat is very limited on what it can and cannot do. If anyone is familiar with the PSP scene with cheat apps like cwcheat, nitepr, and tempAR then you should how great those were. Vitacheat is similar to those and can do simple stuff like those 3 just fine but for the slightly more advanced stuff, then it does less than those PSP apps. I consider myself completely new to code hacking and even I have started to reach limitations with what Vitacheat can do. The VitaCheat/FinalCheat dev doesn't speak english or very good english and no one seems to be able to get in touch with him so good luck waiting for updates, especially now seeing as the Vita has been discontinued.

To give a bit of back story, the cheat program people used before it was called Rincheat and it was the standard until some chinese guy stole it and remade it to a closed sourced version of it and named it VitaCheat/FinalCheat. Then, from what I'm assuming, locked a lot of codes behind a paywall on speedfly. Doing this basically kept a lot of coders from learning how the Vita or even Vita games work as over the years we've started seeing things like memory address swaps, pointers can up and no longer work, or ridiculous things we can't explain, and just trying to do little things that any normal cheat program can preform is a hassle. At first when we needed to make our own pointers we had to use an old PSP program on the PC called tempAR that could only compare 2 dumps at a time and had to manually find and convert PSP offsets to Vita offsets manually. Later another coder worked with raing3, the dev of the tempAR program, to allow Vita dumps and increased the dump limit to 6. Doing this revealed a lot about what the Vita's memory was doing and how we were able to notice how some games swapped entire memory address sections that made finding pointers hard for us so now we were able to come up with slightly better pointers but still not enough to get around VitaCheat's limitations.

Sadly people never spoke out about this sooner because I guess none expected to get this deep into code hacking for the Vita. So now a lot of us are just finding it a headache spending all those hours coming up with fully working codes and pointers that work even when restarting the system multiple times just to find out months later the address shifted for no known reason since we can't tell what's going on under Vitacheat's code. And people should really see some of the codes our better coders have come up with just to work around VitaCheat's limitations, seriously those codes are held together with bubblegum and ducktape. I know they're differen systems but code searching and making on the Vita was never this bad on the PSP.
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