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RetroArch 1.7.4 Cheat Question for FBA Core

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 1:59 am
by Smoker1
OK, so for those who are into this, RA added a Cheat Search/Creation Function. Works pretty good, depending on which Core you use. I did notice that FBA 2012 Cores dont want to cooperate with the Cheat Search.
So I have been sticking with the FBA (all in one) Core. But I am trying to Add a Cheat that I found in the MAME XML Cheat Files for . I dont see this Code in the FBA Cheat Files, or even in the CPS2PSP Cheat Files, so I am not sure how to add this on into the RetroArch Cheat File for 19xx .

In the Attached Image, the Cheat Type only shows:
Set To Value
Increase By Value
Decrease By Value
Run Next Cheat if Value = Memory
Run Next Cheat if Value !=Memory
Run Next Cheat if Value < Memory
Run Next Cheat if Value > Memory
2018-09-07-183228.jpg (72.85 KiB) Viewed 7794 times
So how would I enter this:

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<cheat desc="P1 Rapid Fire"> <comment>No charge shot available</comment>
    <script state="run">
      <action>[email protected]=0000|([email protected] BAND ~1010)</action>
Edit: Never mind, I figured that Code out. For my next trick....this Code should be interesting to figure out:

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<cheat desc="P1 Invincibility">
   <script state="run">
     <action>[email protected](([email protected])+72)=0002</action>