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Need help Compiling a GitHub Project....slightly modified

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 3:21 am
by Smoker1
So I looked into trying to Compile a Homebrew Game for the Vita, but I keep having problems. Either a location is not present, or I get a Error 2 whe I try to "make". I was using a Tut I Googled for, but I dont think it has been Updated, due to Directory Locations not being created, or as I said, getting a "Error 2".
Is there a more Up-to-Date Tutorial on how a Noob could Compile a GitHub Project? Trying to do vitaWolfen with the TitleID changed to the Initial Release Date (PCSE92055 or PCSE92505 for 5 May 1992) . Once I learn how to properly get this done, will hopefully be able to possibly get Doom changed, and maybe even pFBA which would be perfect.
I know there is the 1 question of "Why???????". Because the current Cheat Apps do NOT work with anything unless the TitleID is PCxx##### . For example, VitaCheat. The Dev told me there are no plans to make it work for Homebrew/Emulators. It will only work if the TitleID has PCxx##### in it. So RETROVITA, WOLF00001, DOOM00000, and VITAFBA01 will not work. Not even if you point to it in the Config of the ur0:tai Folder for the Plugin/s