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Qcma - Crossplatform content manager for the PSVita

Open discussions on programming specifically for the PS Vita.
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Re: Qcma - Crossplatform content manager for the PSVita

Post by rhaining »

Hello! First, thank so much for QCMA for the Mac!

I have a few things I'd like to ask about.

#1: I'm setting up QCMA again on a new Mac, I can't remember how I set it up the first time, and the site ( isn't very clear. Do I need to compile it myself? I think the answer is no, because there are multiple DMG files with apps in them. if I'm not compiling it myself, do I need to install Qt 5.x, VitaMTP fork, and FFmpeg? I hope the answer is no. I try running the Mac app 0.4.1, and it crashes, not finding ffmpeg I assume. Then I try running the Mac app 0.4.1 noffmpeg and it seems to work! Is that all I need to do? Will it limit functionality in any way? I only use the app for backing up a single PS Vita app (Shiren the Wanderer: TToFatDoF) and for sucking down screenshots of the same game.

#2: I clicked on the Backup Manager. I expected to see lots of backups here, as I had used the app on an older Mac to backup many times (though I never had reason to try to restore). It's the same external hard drive, just moved to a new Mac, and I'm able to use all my other files just fine on the new Mac. Should I see entries in the Backup Manager?

#3: I noticed a small bug or perhaps a missing feature that I wanted to report, and am not sure how to report it. When I used the app on my old Mac, and when I tried to pull down screenshots taken from other parts of the PSVIta, it works fine. But when I try to pull down screenshots from Shiren the Wanderer, for some reason, every screenshot seems to have an identical filename, and I'm asked if I want to overwrite the same filename over and over again. I hacked a terrible workaround, which is to move the one screenshot file aside on my Mac every time the Content Manager asks me if I want to overwrite the file, then hit continue in the Content Manager. This is extremely slow and cumbersome. I'm wondering if this might be a bug in QCMA? Or, perhaps it's a bug with Shiren the Wanderer that will never get patched, but QCMA might be able to work around the problem by ensuring that screenshots sucked down to the Mac *always* have a unique filename?

Thanks in advance!

(BTW, I'd recommend putting info in QCMA about how to donate!)
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