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Phonegap-like apps in PSVita???

Open discussions on programming specifically for the PS Vita.
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Phonegap-like apps in PSVita???

Post by josemackinson »

Hello there,

I'm a web developer and I don't know the languages used in Vita right now (C, Lua, Python, etc) so while I wanted to do something, I can't atm.

In any case, I was wandering around Vita's app folders yesterday night and I noticed something interesting. Crunchyroll's app has portions in JavaScript. And that's a language I'm comfortable with :P
So that got me wondering, is Crunchyroll's app handled the same way as Phonegap is in mobile? I mean, it's a wrapper with a WebView where runs JS code inside, having some kind of system integration with native Vita?

I'll download CR's code tonight to check it out (as vitashell wasn't opening in a readable way, so couldn't read from vita) but in any case, did someone look into it already?
Would that wrapper be something that could be mimicked into a vitasdk module?

If that could be actually possible, I think would be very awesome to implement a real "psn-like" app, for example, VPK Mirror Direct Installer using a JS UI from it's app, just working with rest calls for the listing and etc, instead of opening browser for that. Or 'porting' html5 games into their own bubbles. And so on.
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Well, it's just a thought but who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


P.S.: If someone from JS background wanted to learn one language for developing whatever in Vita, which one you guys would suggest me to look? I know JS, PHP, bit of classic ASP, etc. In short, web-only languages.
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Re: Phonegap-like apps in PSVita???

Post by MiltonRose »

I think that such applications can be, but not sure that they can work correctly. It depends on how it was implemented for the platform by chrome free vpn. In principle, when properly optimized can be transferred analogs
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