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In need of help with MAME [SOLVED]

Running old school games on your PSP? It's definitely possible
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In need of help with MAME [SOLVED]

Post by deadwing »

Hi all

I have a PSP 1000 (CFW 6.60 ME 2.3 overclocked 333mhz and with Leda plugin) loaded with all sort of emulators, and I have to say is pure joy. I love arcades, and between cps1/2 and neo-geo and fba (plus all the PSP arcade collections official) there's a lot to do.

And yet I cannot get Mame working. I got the latest available TTYman one (also because the other ones almost always produce just a black screen), I get it to start and list ROMS. Then no matter what ROM I select, I arrive to the 'settings' screen of that ROM, and that's it...PSP doesn't respond anymore.

This happens with any ROM, even if I just put one single ROM in it, it just hangs at the settings point. I tried turning back psp to normal speed, disabling Leda plugin, just doesn't work.

Anyone has any idea why this happens? :-)

EDIT: thanks to another excellent post I didn't see before viewtopic.php?f=47&t=44039 I was able to download a version of Mame that works with CFW 6.60...thank you! :D
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