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About Picodrive emulator

Running old school games on your PSP? It's definitely possible
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About Picodrive emulator

Post by joanthedark »

Good day everyone! I have a question about Picodrive emulator that could either be easy or hard to answer:

Is there a way to rebind Picodrive's menu button key to "HOME" (1000-2000) / "PS" (3000) button? It is currently binded to "SELECT" (and of course, disable the "HOME" button PSP pop-up as well, since you can close the homebrew through its own menu).

For anyone wondering why I want to do it: It's because Picodrive lets you play 2-Player games on the same console, all you need to do is bind the keys as if you were playing with two 3-button genesis/mega drive controllers (you use 1 shoulder button, 2 face buttons and d-pad for one player while the other uses the remaining buttons expect this player uses the analog for movement), the problem is that you only get one "START" button because "SELECT" is being used to popup the Picodrive menu. Normally this is not a problem because in most games you only need to press "START" once for Player 2 to join, so all you need to do in that scenario is bind start to Player 2 and change accordinly every now and then, but there are specific games like Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 where "START" is binded to "RUN" in the game, and it is used often, so you need both players with an active "START" button.

I know it's possible since some emulators like "Snes9xTYL" (and its variants) do it by default, but it might be hard to pull off as it might require you to tamper with the code or even compile a whole Picodrive version for it, but I'm willing to do it if someone can guide me on how to do it.

Thank you so much in advance!
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