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Can you test this for me? [PixelButts request too]

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Can you test this for me? [PixelButts request too]

Post by diego-rbb-93 »

Hi everyone! I come in the name of PixelButts, who ive been just talking minutes ago.

Im making PS3 preservation for Redump and i found some weird behaviour in my PS3 with the language startup on some games (we are trying to make sure all the games on are DB have the correct languages marked). It seems that the PS3 is forcing some of my europe games that should boot in spanish, to boot in english. PixelButts thinks the answer to just change the PS3 Default Region (from North America to Europe) as the problem could be there.

But, i updated to Ferrox 4.83 thinking that the problem was CFW Rebug, and now Ferrox wont let me access Debug options and i cant upgrade to 4.83 Rebug because Pixel told me that "joonie" wont make any update to Rebug so it runs on 4.83.

Pixel told me that, if i try to "update" to 4.82 Rebug from 4.83 Rebug on a retail console... Nothing bad should happen. But still, he's afraid something could be **** up.

So, we would like someone that has the ability to test this with no danger, to confirm if this is possible.

Thanks for your help!
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