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Bypass update for activation

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Bypass update for activation

Post by FeitX »

I've got a PS3 Slim 3k that comes in 4.55 OFW the account that is singed-in is not mine and would like to use my own PSN account in it. And I'd like to ask if is there any way of activating a OFW PS3 on a lower firmware than 4.80?

Well, I know that you'll ask why won't I just update the PS3 to 4.80 since its already way past the 3.55 CFW requirement, the sole reason for that is to use PeXploit in it to... you know... do some stuff :roll: :lol: 8-)

And again PeXploit doesn't work on FWs past 4.70 :)

Thank you very much :).
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team DNA
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Re: Bypass update for activation

Post by team DNA »

there is a thing called a e3 flasher aka a downgrader, should be downgradable to 3.55
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