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Properly Placing Downloaded Save Data on a CFW PS3

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:05 pm
by Shiggitay
Hey all. I finally got a PS3 and I installed REBUG 4.76.1 CFW. It runs great. I got the PS3 versions of Project Diva F and F2nd. But of course only Project Diva F2nd supports cross-saving between PS3 and PSV (region regardless). I found a save file for Project Diva F (JP) for PS3, but I don't know how to place the file on the PS3 for the game to see it and load it up. I did use a resigning program, but yeah. My PS3 doesn't see the file. Any advice/method I could use?

Lastly, does anyone have a 100% complete save file set for the aforementioned games (for PS3)?