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Just got a 3.55 PS3, Which CFW do I choose?

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Just got a 3.55 PS3, Which CFW do I choose?

Post by PSP-Loz »

I am no stranger to the modding and CFW scene for PSP, PS2, Wii, Dreamcast, Saturn etc, having tinkered with all sorts of CFW, mods and flashcarts for various systems over the years, however now I have decided to dip in to the PS3 scene I am totally lost. It seems like the most complicated and confusing hack scene to get in to.

I have just picked up a fresh 3.55 PS3 and am about to pop in a nice 480gb SSD to store everything on.

Which CFW should I pop on to it?

Im hearing about so many and honestly dont know what the differences are or what is best. Dex? Cex? Rex? Cobra? Rebug?

I have tried to research but I think I am going around in circles

Here is what i am looking to do with it

I have absolutely no intention of logging in to psn with it as I am scared it will compromise my PS4 account which is all digital, however It will connect to the net and I would like to be able to download all the updates and patches for my games. I play mostly offline games - except dark souls, which I still prefer to play offline

I would like a game manager that can work without any discs. It looks like multiman is the most popular, but can it now operate without a disc in the drive? I want to get away from optical media completely.

I hear iris manager can do discless also, but apparently its not as good for updating games and stuff? I dont know

Sorry to sound like a noob with this. all help appreciated

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