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Forum rules updated. Please read!

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Forum rules updated. Please read!

Post by wololo »

Hi everyone. It has come to my attention that our forums are not as family friendly as we would like them to be. Let me remind everyone that using curse words, posting any form of adult/erotic content, or promoting piracy is not allowed on
You might have seen some recent changes:
- the "Off topic" section has a new automated system that will delete topics that are not seeing any activity for 15 days . As a result, many topics have been automatically deleted yesterday
- I have trimmed down some of the biggest "off topic" thread, and will ask the moderation team to do so regularly. This is to keep the "off topic" in a manageable size for us

Additionally, I have updated the forum rules. The changes are as follow:

Article 5 becomes (emphasis added on the change):
5 - Be polite, do not insult others. Specifically, posts involving racism/sexism/religious intolerance/etc are not tolerated. Avoid cursing. We have a censor filter in place: when it censors a word you use, consider rephrasing, and ask yourself if you really want to post this. Do not try to be clever and bypass the censor filter. Users who attempt to do that will be warned and/or banned. In general, ask yourself if you would be ok with your mother, children, colleagues, to read what you posted. This is true for text but images as well.

New article, article 16:
16 - Discussions about software to download youtube videos is not allowed on this forum. This includes, but is not limited to, discussions about psp**be, go**be, opentube, tubemate,...

I have asked the moderators to strictly enforce our rules about rude language. I want this place to encourage freedom of speech, but at the levels we reached, this is actually jeopardizing the future of the site. I understand that, for example, the off-topic section was a very important place to many of you, and that the new "autoprune" mechanism might annoy some of you, but I hope you'll understand that at this point, this is bigger than that.

Thanks for reading, and many thanks for helping us keeping this site a place everyone can enjoy!
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Re: Forum rules updated. Please read!

Post by dmaskell92 »

Kinda lame off topics are being deleted, but ok.
Does it quit? If not, then it's legit... Too legit.

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