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Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by poisonedhrt »

1st game ive play is sims 3(Played on my Girlfriends Laptop), really enjoyed it, i remember when i discovered my 1st money tree, at 1st i thought it was a tree with garbage attached it lol! but when i zoomed in it was sim money haha instantly made my sim abandon his Doctor job and became a full farmer, made millions but i wasn't satisfied, so ive search for other seeds, there i discovered the life plant and death plant, never lost my sims for a long time, my next goal was achieving everything that's available for them :mrgreen: but never finished that goal, cause my girlfriend have to leave for her review :cry: missed playing and her too.
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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by joshuaz »

Using hacks and do strange stuff on sims
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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by Leires »

Oh boy, why not.

So, way back on The Sims 2 for PS2, i used to spend all day and night leveling up my..carving? Whatever profession it was that let you make lawn gnomes, because they'd pump them out almost instantly and (at max level) they'd sell for 100, making them a superb cash flow..As i gained money, i'd expand the house and so forth, til everything was set and i had a good chunk of change.

Well, that got boring fast so i went off and did what any good, human-loving person does: I went on a killing spree.

Oh man the ways i did it, too. The torture. I made a maze thing once, it was huge, took up the whole lot, just all the way up, turn, all the way down, turn, all the way up etc. At one end was the toilet, at the other, the entrance. Gotta go pee? better get running. Sometimes when they'd make it i'd sell the toilet and make em run back, until they *** themselves. xD

Another thing i used to do is make someone go to bed, put things on both sides of them so they never could get out, put something on my controller so the fast forward button was held down and go watch a movie or a couple episodes of house (back when it was still good, this was yeaaaars back when i did this stuff). I'd come back, let em out, they'd stand up and just fall over dead, haha.

Yet more things i've done was one time a social worker came to take my kid (Me! Me of all people, not okay to have a kid? What sort of fascism is this?!)..So before she got to my door, i sealed her in a 4-wall room and just kept my kid. Since the triggers of her showing up at my door to take her never came, she just sat in there til she died and my kid kept going on doing it's thing.

Even more things i've done, I'd make a family and copy paste them into houses (faster than working my *** off every time to make a good family) and then just make friends with them all and invite em over. Oh the party would be grand, we'd host it in the basement and everything!..Til someone wanted to leave..I'd be sure my sim kept upstairs, making far, far more food than needed, so he'd be out of the basement. When one wanted to leave, it was on. Remove the door, seal up the stairs, and just let em all rot until they died. But what fun in just doing that? All the food i had my sim make..I made sure that it went bad, and then i had him grab them all so they'd stack as high as they could and tell him to do something else for a second so he'd put em down. I then would move them down into the basement, for all to smell. *** and ***, mixed with rotting (probably full of bugs, too) food and nowhere to clean yourself or throw away stuff? The party was so good, it was to die for.

Lets not forget, too, pool parties. Love inviting over all my friends for a dip in the pool, a dip of doooom. Fire was always a choice too, though i rarely used it cause it's not as entertaining as going out of your way like i did, haha.

For what it's worth, i had a 13x4 sealed room -full- of urns. The PS2 would lag when someone would go to sleep because so many ghosts would come out that the hardware strained.

Clearly, this is the kind of person you want to give the sims 3 to! With my love* and care** i'd be the best home for whatever denizens come my way! xD

(*love may or may not be tough. **care may or may not mean what it means to you)
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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by JackleJoe »

Sadly, I was always a big fan of drowning the toddlers in the pool in the Sims 2. It was a dark era for me. I also made A LOT of sims wet themselves. Haha, good times.
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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by Gioz »

I haven't been playing Sims for much time, I remember that my frist Sims game was for PSP, in fact, I only bought the PSP to play that game, I was so curious, of course, the PSP became a console waaay better than I thought, and then I started playing every Sims game
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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by DarkenLX »

my fondest memory is from the sims 1 but it applies to almost all sims games
when you first teach the sims to use the stove and it ends up catching fire your sims run (like a maniac) over to the fire and just scream at the fire waving their hands in a panicky fashion and as the fire spreads they run to each tile the fire consumes and do the same thing they never attempt to put the fire out unless you tell them to... :? i had the pleasure of the game glitching once and firemen never came so i told the sim to put it out apparently he thought using himself to put it out was a "good idea" .... :lol:
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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by BrosCP »

lol my fondest memory of any Sims game would be throwing a party with lots of drinks, but no toilets. :D then sometimes I would end the party by burning everyone up. :P a bit demented but still fun! Thanks for the giveaway guys! :D
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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by gabrieluto »

I remember that i have never played a sims game until...

i was on my aunt's house, and my cousin was playing a strange game, y asked her: What is that?
after her explanation i went to home and inmediatly started to search the game, i couldn't find it for years, then sims 2 came out and i bought it.

sorry for my bad english
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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by Rocki »

I first started with Sims 2, playing for many hours then got to playing Sims Bustin' out, then passed to Urbz. Oh how I loved the Sims games, it was fun doing crazy things with them :P
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Re: Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions

Post by Bu-dogg »

hi, sims 1 was the 2nd pc game i played which was awesome back then. sims 2 was a lot of fun, I created a couple and made them have 4 kids. the 3rd one I never played but I would like to.

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