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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by noname120 »

A friend of mine lent me a PSP, I was willing to customize the theme and thus I found a french community where people talked about homebrews.
Later on, I discovered this community because is the home of Wagic.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by desmorto »

Some time ago a friend of mine talked that he'd go to Usa. Due the unfair console price in my country, I though that would be the best oportunity for purchase the console. After this, i started to search for the scene and discovererd XD
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by J3LACK.EAGLE »

I Discovered this site from going through all the psp hacking sit es and this the one that caught my attention, i actuall y been knowing the site longer then i been signed up for, ive been with this site since the psp scene and im not going anywhere
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by Kyuubi »

I was never really into any of the Sony consoles before, as I was really Nintendo fanboy. But with the 3ds, I literally have no games for it and everything I actually wanted was region locked (i'm a weeaboo). So I tried using it for homebrew but that was *** for emulation... so I looked at the psp and said might as well get the newest one (the vita), which I bought around a month ago and I'm enjoying it a heck lot more than I am with the ds. And because of that, I also found Wagic - its really cool :D I'm a lurker, but I pop in a lot to see the psp news all the time now.

BTW, I first got into hacking my consoles when my wii ate my mario galaxy disc. It was... unplayable after that... and I'm still raging.

Thanks and Happy birthday!
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by vitasav »

got into the psp scene in 2006.....i remember booster's devhook was all the craze and the mph 2.00 downgrader ect lol.

then soon after alex came with his poc cfw.....ah the good ol days!

got into the vita scene right off the bat pretty much....


great little site wololo.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by Datright »

Wow! Just reflecting back to the first time I came across the possibility to have a PSP that could be hacked, brings up good memories, good times. I was so excited to hear and read about the ability to play previous system games thru emulation. I remember the time, trying to make my own pandora battery, and cutting in too deep, causing it to super heat up. Luckily, it did not explode as others at that time reported. However I persevered and thru many frustrated attempts, finally found success. The first time seeing Snes9xTYL run on my PSP was awesome!!! And of course, that was just the beginning. I was a big SegaCD fan and so Picodrive was my number 1 favorite emulator. Then, being able to run Capcom arcade games with CPS and CPS2. We could play arcade perfect ports of the Punisher, AvP, Final Fight, and all versions of SF2. Amazing, simply amazing! But, being able to play iso or cso files of many PSP games was what really caught my attention. As we all know, games can get pretty expensive with so many great titles out there. Thus, it was a no brainer.

Of course some time had passed but I still regularly checked up on any PSP related sites for the latest news and I guess by this time I had already purchased my PS Vita. Sadly, support wasn't that great at that time. I think I only had UMvC3 physical copy and whatever demo’s that were available for download. Then searching for PS Vita news and upcoming games I came across and that was it. I didn’t immediately join the community and would check out and read the latest news, rumors, and comments. I finally became a contributing member on November 2012. What drew me in was the Gravity Crash exploit. Since then I’ve checked this site every day for the latest news as well as reading and enjoying the insightful, funny, and blunt comments from fellow members. Congratulations Wololo for 5 years of providing all of us here a place to voice our opinions and hope for a wonderful future for the PS Vita. Here’s to 5 more years!
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by Acid_Snake »

I like this story too ^
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by nakano »

I purchased an used, pre-modded PSP 3.40OE-A. After this, I followed daily new homebrews from; eventually interested in coding a few myself. Through I also discovered Wagic and I still keep reading the site for possible PS3 related modding news. I do not own a Vita and not planning to get one currently. Two 5.00m33-6 PSPs are more than enough for me ( not that I am giving the second one away ;) ). Everything works fine with it so I have found little reason to figure out how to easily upgrade to Pro.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by SolaceIX »

I was playing Monster Hunter Freedom at work and my buddy saw me playing it. I let him play it and he got super interested. Unfortunately, we couldn't find another copy of the game to play multiplayer at the time.

So I went to the internet and looked up possible solutions to "share" the same copy (similar to the Twisted Metal multiplayer "exploit" of simply swapping the UMD.)

What I found was something called "Devhook" that would allow me to run a backup of the games I had. Just had to have FW 1.00 or 1.50, which I did. Ever since then, I've never actually had a "vanilla" PSP.

edit: Wow, this is my first post.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by Msnk8 »

i found it when i was desperately searching for a way to crack this **** psv up
then i found out this page and saw upcoming exploits thread ,,,, it was a ray of hope
atleast now i was able to play my psp games if not anything else if provided by the stupid sony

if not for this website,,,,i would have thrown it ,sold it or would have hit it with a hammer

n i am serious

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