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Re: is 5 years old! My first love

Post by rollingbones »

I was 13 and got my psp! alas no games.. I searched up 'free psp games' on google and clicked on 'im feeling lucky'. I was brought to, who informed of the difficulty of getting free games but they had a solution. Such easy hacks consisting of a few buttons here and there and my psp arms were tied loose. utorrent became my second love
sadly i got greedy and ended up messing up my flash0 files(thanks to wololo still). But i never left, because wololo began a new cycle with me-thevitacycle. To this day, wololo remains a bookmark on my browser.
thank you :')
such a beautiful story...
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by St33lDr4g0n »

I discovered the PSP homebrew scene after reading about the device on wikipedia and then stumbling into this page :arrow:

Immediately, I started doing some googling, youtube searching etc. and found a lot of the homebrew apps/games fascinating. I regularly visited sites like QJ and the Dash-Hacks Network. Occasionally when running into problems with things like plugin installation, game installation, and cfw, google would lead me here to wololo/talk.

I found the blog after PRO-C was released and joined the forums after getting a PS Vita.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by tardisidiot »

wololo wrote:Hey guys, turns 5 this month, and I have a few presents to celebrate this! One chance in this thread to win a PSN Code:

Reply to this topic and tell us how you discovered the PSP/Vita scene. I'll randomly choose a winner among the replies for a PSN Code by the end of the week :)

Also, Follow me on twitter, and Retweet this tweet for a chance to win another PSN Code. And there's more to come, check the blog regularly throughout the month!
I found out about this scene when I was trying to get some sort of homebrew on my Vita back after it was released as I had heard that there were people trying to do that and between then and the moment I sold my Vita (it had a broken analogue stick making playing on certain games impossible) I was an active member of the community.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by Co1onel »

I'm not sure how long ago it was, but I was just searching on google when I came across Wololo and used it to get HBL on my PSP back then. I noticed that the site often updated on everything related to homebrew and cfw and found myself checking it every once in a while for the latest news.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by oHaiiDan »

I found out about this while looking for ways to hack my vita on google. I found out about the uno exploit, but I was too late. This is how i found out about Wololo:)
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by LjMjollnir »

Cant remember exactly where i found this site... but i believe it was from one of the 2 Ps3 sites i visit daily.. either dashhacks or psx-scene.. Dashhacks is a site ive been using way back since the original PSP days
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by AntonRamirez »

I Joined Wololo Last 8 months I googled PS VITA CFW and It Gave me the weird "wololo" PSP CFW and Homebrews I waited SO LONG for this Giveaway and FOR THE CFW I want to get the 20$ Because I will Buy the exploit for the incoming eCFW by TN :) HOPE TO WIN!!
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by omarrana »

i bought my psp in 2007 a used one.i also had a ps2 and could not afford ps3.Anyways psp was the best console i ever played mobile gaming was not high at that time so it was a great device.i brought home typed in google hack psp and boom my first ever game i installed was bubble bobble dang i played it all day a portable thing was blast.

i discovered the best hacking websites dont know if i can name here but i discovered wololo when psp 3000 series had some boards that could not be permanantly hacked and only wololo website had the solution to permanantly hack any psp said its risky but i did it and ever since then i am a great user of wololo i registered recently when i bought vita for the explot.

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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by Stranger2Night »

I remember first picking up a PSP with a friend of mine so we could play Monster Hunter Freedom 2, after sinking hundreds of hours into the game another friend introduced us to hacking the PSP, it was great playing games like Cave Story on the PSP long before I ever knew I could pick it up for the PC. Have since picked it up on Steam and the 3DS.
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Re: is 5 years old! Chance to win a $20 PSN Code

Post by michal5575 »

The first time I was here because I wanted to download s4inexcraft. :D

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