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Forum rules updated!

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Forum rules updated!

Post by wololo »

Hi, following a few events through the year, we have updated the forum rules, you can read them here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=15

There is no dramatic change, this is just clarifying rules that the mods and I have been implicitly following throughout the year, as it seems a minority of people think that if something is not explicitly forbidden, then it's probably allowed (which is not true, thankfully 99% of our users know how to use common sense).

Keep in mind that this is a "family friendly" site. When in doubt, ask yourself if you would be confident with your mother, kids, or little sister reading your post. IF the answer is "no", then you probably don't want to post it on these forums. Again, common sense should prevail here.
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Re: Forum rules updated!

Post by NNNRT »

I couldn't figure out what changed in the Forum Rules thread. :? :shock:
EDIT: Oh now I see, a few rules have been added & others have been updated. :mrgreen:
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Re: Forum rules updated!

Post by MaxiExtreme »

I am one of the violators of this rules. shame on me... but i already had my new years resolution... I wont post in capital letters anymore :D Sorry wololo for violating some of your rules but I already learned my mistakes..
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Re: Forum rules updated!

Post by b2p1mp »

I just had a quick re-read of the rules. Everyone should read them.
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Re: Forum rules updated!

Post by vae »

Read and understood.

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