AI decks to remove/edit...

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AI decks to remove/edit...

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...unless the AI was buffed in more recent builds (than roughly 0.19).

I think we should list all the decks that are too weak, especially because the AI does do something stupid, some examples:
- Black Rituals. Especially Black Rituals into nothing.
- Not directed at the above point, but hate cards that are totally dead against very most decks, like Shatter, demistify (you might find cards that span multiple targets like these (Topple the Statue, for instance), so they are less narrow or will always have a target), color-hate only cards, etc.
- Scar-Scale Ritual. Because killing your 1drops with it (Oona's Black Guard or sth, me believes?) doesn't result in Card Advantage.
- Defenders/Can't Attack Creatures: Not a smart move to put auras on them. Bonus malus points for putting Manical Rage on them, making them BOTH unable to attack AND to block.

Decks suggested to remove or to alter:
- Red Cats (the 2/1 cat that can't attack needs to go)
- Air Sea Battle (Sleeper's Robe is especially strong with defenders! :ugeek: )
- Undead Lords (Black Ritual, Scar-Scale Ritual)
- Shatter ( explains his weakness)
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