Updating the Miki?

All additions requested or suggested to improve the card coding language.
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Updating the Miki?

Post by Arc »

This doesn't seem like quite the right place for this, but I couldn't find anything better so here it goes.

While I enjoy the fact that I can play magic on my PSP, what captivates me the most about the Wagic project is the accessibility and versatility of the program for users to create custom content. That being said, I feel that Wagic would benefit greatly by an updated resource so that new aspiring custom content makers can easily be aware of the features Wagic has to offer. This ( http://wololo.net/miki/index.php/Wagic/CardCode) is a good start, but it is almost a year out of date and doesn't include any of the additions made in 0.11.0, 0.12.0, and 0.13.0.


In 0.13.0 alone an amazing number of keywords and abilities were added to Wagic.

Code: Select all

Fixed keywords:

CANTREGENERATE --> now CANTREGEN. The engine always handled it as "REGENERATE" and thus had to be renamed.

New abilities:

BOTHNOCREATURE ---------- both cant cast creatures.
BOTHCANTCAST ------------ both cant cast spells.
BOTHONECAST ----------- both limited to 1 spell.
CANTCREATURECAST --------- card controller cant cast creature.
CANTLIFELOSE -------- you cant lose for having no life left.
CANTLOSE -------- you cant lose the game/ opponent cant win.
 (Card example:Platinum Angel
CANTSPELLCAST ---------- card controller cant cast spells.
CANTMILLOSE --------- you cant lose from being milled.
CANTWIN ------------ you cant win the game / opponent cant lose.
CONTROLLERSHROUD ----- (Card example:True Believer)
FROZEN ------- card/target will not untap on its controllers next untap phase. (Card example:Tangle)
INFECT ------- New ability from Scars of Mirrodin.
LEYLINE ------- Enables the coding of the Leyline cycles.
NOMAXHAND --------- controller has no maximum had size.
POISONTOXIC,POISONTWOTOXIC,POISONTHREETOXIC -- card adds 1,2 or 3 poison counters to the player it damaged. Poison counters will appear as green letters under or above the lifetotal.
PHANTOM ------- prevents damage and remove one +1/+1 counter (Card examples:Phantom Centaur,Phantom Nishoba)
RETRACE ------- Now without any workaround!
STORM --------  storm ability (Card example:Tendrils of Agony)
TREASON ------- card with abilities=treason will be sacrificed at the end of the turn (Card example:Sneak Attack)
UNEARTH ------- Now without any workaround!
WILTING ------- source takes damage in the form of -1/-1 counters
VIGOR ------- instead of taking damage the source gains +1/+1 counters (Card examples:Phytohydra)

New code line starters:

BUYBACK={...} ----------- Now without any workaround.
FLASHBACK={...} ----------- Now without any workaround.
OTHER={...} (+ AUTO=ALTERNATIVE effect) -- Enables alternative casting costs (Card example:Force of Will,all cards with EVOKE)

New cost symbols:

{D} ------- Discarding a random card as additional casting/activation cost.
{E}/{E(target|zone)} ----------- Exiles something as additional casting/activation cost.
{H}/{H(target|zone)} ----------- Returns something to your hand as additional casting/activation cost.
{L} ------- life loss as additional casting/activation cost.
{M} ------- Puts a card from the top of you library as additional casting/activation cost.
{s2l} --------- "put *target|whereever* on top of your library as additional casting/activation cost.
{X}{X} --------- now 2 {X} are possible! (Card example:Decree of Justice)
{l2e} ---------- Exiles the top card of you library as additional casting/activation cost. (Card example:Arc-Slogger)

New keywords:

ONLYONECAST   -------target player can only play 1 spell this turn.
NOCREATURES  -------- target player cant play creatures this turn.
NOSPELLS   --------- target player cant play spells this turn.
LAND:number  -------  target player can play number additional lands this turn.
BLOODTHIRST --------- (Card examples:Scab-Clan Mauler)
FOG --------- This is similar to "PREVENTALLCOMBATDAMAGE", which only worked for instants and sorceries. "Fog" works only for permanents and is used in combination with the newly introduced parameter "ONESHOT"!
NAME(...) && effect -------- When used in an autoline it replaces an autoline's "ability" text with a custom ability name.
COLOR:+X/-X -------- Manacost Alteration (Card examples:Goblin Warchief,Sphere of Resistance)
PREVENT:X ------- damage prevention to single creatures and players. (Card examples:Healing Salve,Battlefield Medic)
TRANSFORMS(types or subtypes,color,ability) ------- similar to BECOMES. The main difference is that you can change single parameters of a permanent like only color or type. -- (Card examples:Memnarch,Wild Mongrel)

New Sets:

From the Vault: Relics
Scars of Mirrodin

New variables:

EQUIP ---- looks if a card is equipped ["this(equip !=0) effect"] or how many artifacts are on a card ["thisforeach(equip) effect"]

New Zones:

OPPONENTHAND (Card examples:Duress,Thoughtseize)
I'm sure other additions to card coding were made in 0.11.0 and 0.12.0 too. I haven't played Wagic or visited this site for around a year so all these changes are overwhelming and it's difficult to ascertain what all the additions to Wagic coding are without a consolidated list of working abilities, keywords, etc. Even with my headstart on completely new users, I still am having trouble figuring out what Wagic is now capable of and I imagine for a completely new user, figuring out what Wagic can and cannot do would be quite difficult.

It would be great for aspiring official MTG set coders and mod makers if all the tools (keywords, abilities) available to them were listed in one location.


Is it possible to add a mod.txt miki section to help users who want to use the mod.txt in more elaborate ways then simply changing the life total? I know that right before I stopped visiting the forums, wololo just added the mod.txt capabilities and in the current state could only do limited things such as changing starting life totals. Is this still all that it does or has it been improved? Can we have players start with certain cards in their hands? In play? In graveyard? Can more complicated rules be specified in mod.txt such as "if 4 creatures are in play, no creatures with flying can be played", "when a player plays a sorcery, that player draws a card", or "whenever a creature goes to the graveyard, its owner gains 1 life"?

It would be extremely useful if there was a mod miki section to help clarify these types of questions.


A story-mode section would be useful too, although this isn't as necessary as the basic idea of how story-mode works can be gleamed from the example story-mode and the user-made story-mode which has already been released (the one about two brothers). Since mods are more general and versatile however, that section would be extremely useful.


If updating the miki is too daunting a task, or simply too time consuming at this moment, could someone simply direct me towards some pages for supported keywords and abilities? As for the mods, can anyone shed some light on what the mod.txt is capable of? Thanks in advance! :D
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Re: Updating the Miki?

Post by Zethfox »

about the miki, this is partially my fault, i should really be the one that updates the ability section as im the one coding the abilities and support.
ill be taking a break after rev 14 to study some C++ and but before i do i promise ill put my hands on the wiki and give better explainations of what those abilities and supports "can and can't" do.
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Re: Updating the Miki?

Post by Dr.Solomat »

In fact,

Wagic Miki DOES contain most of those new abilities. Those which are missing will be added in the days and weeks to come.
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