We need moderators !

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We need moderators !

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With more than 12.000 posts and almost 1.000 members the forum is quite a challenge to moderate. That why we are always looking for willing souls to help us in the moderation work.

Moderators are responsible to ensure that the forum rules are respected and applied.

We are looking for the following profile:

- You can compile the game from the SVN either for PC or PSP (ideally both), but you don't need to have any particular programming skills.
- You are pretty much confident with the game mechanism
- You are patient and willing to help other users
- You are motivated to improve the game
- You have time to invest in the forum (even if as all of us you might buzy with real-life for a limited period of time)
- You are use to forum and ideally you already have a moderation/administration experiences.
- You are already registered to this forum for more than 3 month and have already activly participate.

If you recognize yourself in this description (or even part of it), please do not hesitate to send a private message to wololo or to abrasax (ideally both), we will then concert with the team and give you a response.

Thanks in advance.

We need your Help !!!
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