M13 Card Images for PSP

Additional Ressources for WTH : new cards, card images & more
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M13 Card Images for PSP

Post by purplerose »

Some notes:

-There are still borders around the cards (I don't know how to remove them OTL)
-Feel free to upload the borderless images if you know how to (Or at least tell me how :D)
-The file is comparatively larger then the usual; 25 MB.

That's basically it.

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Re: M13 Card Images for PSP

Post by kaioshin »

Thank you! Is there any way you could upload high res images of m13 as well?

Thanks :)
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Re: M13 Card Images for PSP

Post by S4r0m »

I can help by removing the borders, but doing so in the psp images will give (after the resize) bad quality images... You need to upload images of higher resolution so i can remove the borders and AFTER doing that, we can resize them to PSP size.

BTW is there already an official update with the primitives and the card IDs for M13? I want to include that but i'm too lazy to do the cards_id by myself :P
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