How to get set images without scripts

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How to get set images without scripts

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You can use scripts in the svn which may be easier than what I'm about to show you, however, I cannot tell you how to use the scripts because its against a user license agreement.

Here is one way to get all images from just about any set. First use this link. Choose the set you want. Next get XnView here.

Extract the images to a folder then open XnView. Select all images of the set, then go to Tools->Batch Processing. Check Keep source format. Then change the output directory. Then go to the transformations tab. Double click resize and enter 200X285. Be sure to uncheck keep ratio or it wont give you that size. Then click go.

Got through and do the same for the thumnails but be sure to make them 45X64.

You also have to rename them too. But, unless you can use the scripts this will have to do.
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