Cost reducers and X mana cost spells

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Cost reducers and X mana cost spells

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I've noticed that cost reducers do not work properly with variable cost spells. Without diving too deep into the code to locate and test the idea myself, I'm thinking that mechanical (but not necessarily visual) support for {X+n} mana cost. I can already see how that might have some initial side effects with spells that include both static and variable colorless costs but I'm just tossing an idea out there to see what others think.
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Re: Cost reducers and X mana cost spells

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essentially X cost = 0, unfortunately when i first added mana reducers x cost were being pushed into negatives and when played would actually add mana to the players pool. this is one of those things where we have to be a bit forgiving on the card and understand that we support 95% and up on carrd rules. lets just say for sanity that the reducing of x falls in the 5% we dont support :)
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