Where are the hardcoded cards?

Discute about general card coding keyword, ask questions and get answer about the mechanism, about the guideline, the direction we want to go...etc...
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Where are the hardcoded cards?

Post by zhdarkstar »

Where in the source can I find the hardcoded cards? I want to try coding a couple cards that aren't feasible at the moment with the current CardCode.

The next cards I want to work on are Urza's Armor and Guardian Seraph. If UA was reprinted, it would read "You have absorb 1" while GS grants a psuedo-absorb but only against sources from your opponent. I figure that those two should be really easy to make. Just need to know where to tinker with the code so I don't break everything in the process.
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Re: Where are the hardcoded cards?

Post by KarloxLoKo »

All the hardcoded cards are in MTGAbility.cpp starting in line 3450.
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