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Please read before posting: Forum Rules

Post by wololo »

The forum follows the basic rules of the netiquette :

We ask you to specifically follow the following rules:
- Do not post in Capital letter
- Do not send private messages with request/questions that you already posted on the forum
- Do not post illegal content. This forum does not support piracy; any mention or references to pirated content will be acted upon.
- Be polite, do not insult others.

Any post not following these basic rules will be either edited or lock, followed by a friendly warning from the moderation team. If you consistently break this rules your account will be deleted without further notice.

In addition please respect the following guidelines:
- If you include a signature keep it short. Do not include big pictures in your signatures.
- If you have a question, be sure to check first the FAQ, the different index and sticky topic of each category and use the search function before posting.
- Try to make precise topic title, e.g. “help” is not an appropriate topic title and will be consequently edited by the moderation team.
- Try to make full sentences, be as more precise and concise as you can.
- Try to post in the right category, if you do not find any category meeting your needs, please inform any member of the moderation team, we will study the possibility of creating a new forum/sub-forum.
- The official language of this forum is English. If you are a non-english speaker and use translation tool to post your messages, your are free to leave also a copy of the message in your “original language”, but do not expect reply in any other language than English.

Moderation rules.

By registering to this forum you agree to the following:

Your messages can be edited, moved or locked by the moderation team without any further notice. To the possible extend the moderation team will let a note if your content was edited. If you topic is moved, the moderation team will leave a shadow topic. Shadow topic will be removed after 1 month.

Wololo and the moderation team.