Wagic Keeper: YET ANOTHER mod to a mod.

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Wagic Keeper: YET ANOTHER mod to a mod.

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Sorry again for terrible English!

This is my another attepmt to create a new game based on Knights&Dragons mod. Its a sort of counterpart to Wagic Quest
and my tribute to great old game Dungeon Keeper.

This mod is still based on old version of Wagic (0.16) so:

Put WK folder in PSP/Game
Put wagic_res4 into PSP/

Play as evil Keeper of Wagic Dungeon!
Collect resources from underground mines!
Build new Rooms!
Summon evil creatures from the Portal!
Build traps and research spells!
Protect your Dungeon from this annoying Heroes!
Create evil masterplans!
Conquer kingdoms!
Have fun!

And remember: Evil is Good!

https://www.dropbox.com/s/6kkdf2dudvlgi ... r.rar?dl=0
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