[CODE] Reveal and Scry

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Re: [CODE] Reveal and Scry

Post by sandman423 »

Well I did the SVN Commit...Highlighted ALL Modified Files and hit Revert on them and it seems like it might be working now.

Thanks a lot for the help
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Re: [CODE] Reveal and Scry

Post by afrikas »

how do i do to code cards like peer through depths or augur of bolas, with grisly salvage code??
can i use the command "moveto(mylibrary):4 contoller"?
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Re: [CODE] Reveal and Scry

Post by excessum »

Putting cards to the bottom of library is a targeted ability at the moment. Without having an untargeted version like "deplete", it is going to be a nightmare for revealing and dumping cards to the bottom. I think it is best to leave this as a KIV until the actual Reveal mechanic is committed to the SVN.
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Re: [CODE] Reveal and Scry

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reveal and scry, yeah, this one is a super hard one simply becuase reveal needs to have gui elements for it to work right. not sure if any new devs have experience in that.
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Re: [CODE] Reveal and Scry

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It would be great if this was added to Wagic (maybe a version 0.2?).
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