Creating a macro

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Creating a macro

Post by wanderingnomad17 »

Hello, all!

I am fairly new to the world of WtH, and especially new to the field of macros. I read a bit online about creating macros in Wagic, but I still don't know how to write one for my purposes. So I decided that rather than spend hours failing, I would consult the experts and see what they could come up with.

I created an elf deck with an infinite mana combo involving Viridian Joiner, Staff of Domination, and either Blanchwood Armor (if I have at least 4 forests in play) or Primal Boost.

IRL, I can show my opponent(s) how the combo works once I have all of the necessary pieces in play, and then say "I'll do the process 1,000,000 times" and it will be understood, but obviously it doesn't work the same in Wagic. I have been manually tapping and untapping Viridian Joiner and Staff of Domination, but eventually Wagic will randomly decide to lock up my cards and I won't be able to continue the mana generation. So I was wondering if it would be possible to create a macro that would do this automatically when I have the necessary cards in play?

If it is possible, I wanted to also create a macro that would take all that mana and apply it to Staff of Domination's "2T: gain one life, 1: untap Staff of Domination."

Again, I'm new to how macros work both in and out of Wagic, so if this isn't possible, a simple "you won't be able to do that" will suffice. If it is, however, would someone be able to show me the code for those 2 macros? Pretty please??

Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate any and all help!
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Re: Creating a macro

Post by Zethfox »

macros in wth are more of a way of labeling a specific line or ability, in the macros you write out the macro line give it a name then all you have to do is write auto=whatever you named the unfortunately was not designed to code out steps or ability usage.
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