[CODE] Mulligan (FINAL)

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Re: Mulligan Code (FINAL)

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almosthumane wrote:
Pausing wrote:where to put this on the psp?
This is the Win32 test file. The eboot is bellow, but it has all the (unrelevant) changes I've made in my personal build. Please just consider the mulligan.


As for a "dirty" integration of mulligan in 2 Player it's enough to change the condiction from turn <1 to turn<2

can you tell me guys where to put this? im a lil dumy here.. thanks
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Re: Mulligan Code (FINAL)

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Pausing wrote:can you tell me guys where to put this? im a lil dumy here.. thanks
This is a testing feature. Possible buggy. If you don't know how to put it on your PSP it's best you wait for something more "solid" and wait for the feature to be included on the official release, if it gets good enough.
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Re: Mulligan Code (FINAL)

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Thanks almosthumane! At first I was wondering how to do mulligan so I pressed the start button by accident. Voila, it does mulligan!
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Re: [CODE] Mulligan (FINAL)

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I would like a Code to be added so it allows you to draw 7 again when you do a Mulligan than 6,5,4,3,2,1 etc.
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