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Suggestion about adding, unlockable, tasks, rewards and credits to the game.
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Re: Bonus system - Suggestions & Ideas

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yeaforme wrote:What about having card rewards as bonuses linked to some of the harder things to do? I really like the idea of being able to supplement card gains through something other than credits.
an achievement system would be nice, like winning through decking, winning with x life delta, winning with 1 life left, beating an enemy x times in a row, etc.
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Re: Bonus system - Suggestions & Ideas

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Re-posting this from the "Bugs SVN" thread where it was off-topic:

One idea that I had was a "battle for the booster" mode. You go to the shop, select a booster, and then get the option to either pay full price, or pay *half* the price and play a game against an AI. The AI is chosen randomly, but weighted according to the number of cards in the AI deck which are from the set that the booster belongs to. I.e. if you want to battle for a Shadowmoor booster, then the "Ashenmoor Cohort" AI (which has a lot of Shadowmoor cards in its deck) has a much higher chance to be selected as your opponent than, say, "Nightmare" (which has no Shadowmoor cards IIRC). Afterwards, you get to pick a number of cards from the booster - not all of them, but several, depending on your performance in the battle. If you lose, the AI will remove the most valuable cards before you get to pick yours. If you win narrowly, then you begin taking a card, and then the AI and you alternate. If you win by a good margin, you may get to pick 3 or 4 cards before the AI removes the first one.

The idea is to partly recreate the feeling of the more limited Magic formats, where only cards from 3 to 6 sets are allowed. But it would also work in limiting the selection of available opponents, or at least making some appear very rarely at the beginning, when you're limited to just a few sets.

(On a side note, I'd also like to suggest to give the player a choice between three sets to unlock, so that he can choose a set with mechanics that fit to his deck, should he want that. I think Sid Meier was correct when he said that strategy games are about making decisions and that that's what makes them fun - so giving the player a choice when he unlocks a new set should add to the enjoyment, imho.)

Anyway, just a few thought that occured to me - feel free to disregard if they don't fit in the greater scheme.
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