Make a card set AI only on parser

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Make a card set AI only on parser

Post by mickey_brown » Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:50 pm

I thought it would be cool to make it so a custom set can't be unlocked by the player in game.
Add something to the parser so that in _cards.dat it has unlockable=no or something to that affect.

I'd be perfectly willing to create an AI only set, and add it's cards to the default decks under the hardest difficulty.
They WOULDN'T be insanely over powered, just something to compensate for AI's abundance of A and lack of I.
Maybe alter some card affects so they function in a way easier for the AI to utilize, or create "super" versions of some of the weaker cards in their deck. Do just enough to make them a challenge, but not 3 turn blitzkrieg hard.

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