"Request": Puresteel Paladin

All additions requested or suggested to improve the card coding language.
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"Request": Puresteel Paladin

Post by gap » Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:41 pm


first of all thank you all for your great work!
I really love wagic. Tried many other mtg "ports" and wagic is by far my absolute favorite!

One card I am really missing though is the Puresteel Paladin.
I know it's currently in unsupported.txt

Code: Select all

#removed, this card caused a palifora of bugs.
name=Puresteel Paladin
[email protected](equipment|mybattlefield):may draw:1
#auto=aslongas(artifact|mybattlefield) lord(equipment|mybattlefield) {0}:equip >2
Maybe with all the great changes for the upcoming 1.8 it is easier to fix the bugs?
If it's not that easy and the bugs don't concern other cards, just ignore me. ;)


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