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Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:27 pm
by Zethfox
is it possible to get this to except card ids as what it becomes instead of a string of name,P/t,color would be great for just about and card that requires "flipping" or cards that you want to only have an effect trigger once but never again for the rest of the game, or cards that change when a certain condition is met.

i would love for this to be atleast thought about as i can see ALOT of cards codable with this exsample:
morph card
{2}:becomes(id12178) <---the id of the "morphed version"
@movedto(battlefield):aslongas(creature|battlefield) becomes(77384) all(this)

the effect would be like replacing the current card with a new one WITHOUT actually losing its instence of itself. so equipment, auras. current P/t modifiers, counters, will all still be on it...