AI knowledge of cards request thread.

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AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by Zethfox »

please post here in detail what cards ai is completely embarrassing itself with or could use better.

example of what not to post
I will ban you and this is your warning.
I will no longer be taking insults to wagic lightly, if you don't like wagic try one of the other 12 mtg sims out there, but i promise you will be back cause wagic truely is amazing.

also DONT POST BUGS OF CARDS HERE!!!!!!!! I'm not looking for bugs, i'm looking for cards that work perfectly that ai is just completely wasting, misusing or embarrassing itself with.

example of what i want to see:

Ai planeswalker use:
name = Jace mind sculptor
2nd ability ai uses over and over until it has mill'ed itself to death.

name = disenchant
ai sometimes uses disenchant to remove a beneficial enchantment on it's own creature.

name = Tolsimir Wolfblood
ai never or very rarely makes a new token if the first one gets killed in battle.

name = Helix Pinnacle
ai will spend all mana non-stop until it wins from the pinnacle, ignoring everything else, including cards in hand.

also acceptible

in combat ai will rarely attack with unblockable creature even though it could have won the game doing so.

as you can see above...THIS is what I need to get from you guys if you want to see the ai improve.
I truelly want to hear from the people that think ai is "dumb" so I can figure out the cards which ai used to give you that impression....
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Re: AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by salamandar »

Don't know if it is correct :

Pacifism : the AI use more than one pacifism on the same creature.
I think it is the same for all enchantments which block a creature to attak. ( Cage of Hands, Pillory of the Sleepless, Utopia Vow, Bound in Silence, Recumbent Bliss, Crystallization)

Hope it can help you.

Thank you for all your works !
this is a good example. yeah ai should not be stacking this on a creature.
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Re: AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by Daemonfey »

Some of the issues I've encountered

Specific Issues

Gut Shot - AI often targets creatures with more than 1 resistance.

Batterskull - AI always spends mana to bounce it back at the end of its turn

Urza's lands - AI just adds the mana at random times

Man-lands - This problem occurs in all lands that can turn in creatures (Blinksmoth Nexus, Inksmoth Nexus, Fairy Conclave, etc); the ai activates the land ability, turns it into a creature and then uses it to generate mana, instead of attacking or blocking. Interesting to point out that when it is a spell effect animating a land the AI can use it as a land or creature just fine.

edit1: Tamiyo, The Moon Sage: the AI uses it ONCE, tapping something and then it just leaves it there. It also picks its target at random (usually) the last card in the player battleground... which is usually a land or a Planeswalker (useless unless it is Gideon)

edit2: Liliana Vess isn't using any ability; most of the time the AI activates her +1 ability, it targets itself.

edit 3: Whipflare: AI casts it even if there are only artifact creatures in play.

edit 4: Venser (planeswalker): The AI uses him very badly. It blinks permanents at random and/or makes all creatures unblockeable and doesn't attack.

Phantasmal Killer: The AI doesn't select a "target" to clone, and the Phantasmal Killer dies.

Sneak Attack: The AI casts it, but I've yet to see it using it

Olivia Voldaren: The AI never uses either of its mana-activated abilities

Griselbrand: The AI never pays life for cards

Standstill: The AI casts it, then forgets about it and casts something else. Thank you for the free cards!

Fiend Hunter: AI doesn't exile creatures.

Craterhoof Behemoth: Alright, this one is very trick. For starters, it is clear the AI doesn't recognize the bomb it plays, as it seems to ignore it's Enter The Battlefield ability or at the very least the Trample part. It is a "I win" card in most of the decks that use mana-creatures to play it; the creatures grow massive and gain Trample, but even then the AI refuses to attack if you have enough blockers. This is the trick part: it might be a problem related to this particular card, or imply a problem in the way AI calculates the effect of Trample; what I find strange is that with single-target trample cards like Rancor the AI has no problem assessing the damage and attacking continuously.

Consult the Necrosages: The AI makes a choice alright, but it always targets itself. This is bad when it choices the discard 2 cards effect. I should test with Esper Charm, since it has a similar effect.

Hunger of the Howlpack: I can't figure why, the AI LOVES to give tokens to the player creatures and doesn't wait for Morbid to trigger.

Blade Splicer and her Golem: There is another tricky, less obvious one. Since the golem by itself lacks first strike, and the condition is given by the Blade Splicer, I think the AI can't perceive when the golem has or hasn't First Strike. It just gets tricked too often into blocking my golem, or when it is its golem, situations like this happen: Blade Splicer and Golem on the AI, I attack with a non-first strike 3/3. Instead of blocking with its 3/3 First Strike (due to Blade Splicer) Golem, the AI blocks with Blade Splicer. Besides that, all too often the AI is willing to block with Blade Splicer as just a 1/1 creature.

Slagstorm: The AI never uses it to damage creatures, even when only the player has creatures and dealing 3 damage to everyone isn't helping.

Elspeth, Knight Errant - the AI ONLY uses the first ability, spawning soldier token after soldier token. Elspeth 1.0 is actually a very aggressive planeswalker, and it's second ability, also a +1, should be one the AI uses the most, bypassing defenses and beating face. The first ability is good, but should be used when the player clears the board or robs control of the battlefield from the AI, putting it on the defensive; or use the 1st ability first in order to have a creature to turn into a 4/4 Flyer next turn. The AI also never uses the ultimate, even with absurd 20+ Loyalty.

Proliferate: For the AI uses proliferate VERY WELL, and for a deadly effect. The issue is the AI isn't moderated on the tokens it proliferates; if it has -1/-1 tokens on its creatures or poison, it also proliferates those. It might not be more than a minor issue, since I've yet to see the AI proliferate itself to death.

Academy Rector: Ai exiles it after it hits the graveyard, but doesn't look for an enchantment.

General issues:

Taping possible blockers - The AI can't use tapping effects to leave an opponent open for attack, even when doing so would cause it to win in an alpha strike;

edit1: Optional lifelose effects: (Phyrexian Mana, Painlands, Ravnica block shock-lands, etc) the AI is pretty suicidal. It can kill itself by playing Ravnica lands untaped or by casting with phyrexian mana.

The AI prefers to use instant speed spells at sorcey speed - Either instant or flash creatures, the AI prefers to use it in its turn and during one of the main phases

edit 2: No Flashback cards for AI: The AI doesn't use flashback cards from the graveyard.

Cycling: The AI just doesn't uses cycling, either regular or basiclandcycling. Even when needing lands.

Evoke: The AI never casts a spell with its evoke cost.

Destroying indestructible creatures: The AI wastes Destroy effects on indestructible cards. <---this is what i mean when i say embarrassing itself...

edit 3: Fetchlands - the AI isn't very willing to pay 1 life and sacrifice a land to search for another land

edit 4: Understanding ETB - Enter the battlefield effects confuse the heck out of the AI. Sure, when they trigger it picks required target, but she never uses it on an "useful" way; for example, when using Acid Slime and there is a Moat preventing it from swinging for the win, it just picks a random land/artifact/enchantment (most often land). It casts Stonehorn Emissary when the player has no creatures to attack. Thi inability of the AI to assess the worth of ETB effects on creatures gets worse when you add blinking effects like Saving Grasp, Momentary Blink, Venser, etc: not only AI never uses those effects to save a creature from removal/combat, it doesn't blink ETB creatures - not intentionally anyway, I've seen it Momentary Blink creatures at random (out of combat) and sometimes it gets lucky and picks a ETB one. Sure, this is borderline due to not understand how two cards interact together, but it hints at a problem the AI has appraising the worth of cards with ETB effects. It goes without saying that it doesn't understand the ETB/LTB "trick".

What Is This End Of Turn You Speak Of? - The AI currently does very little on the player turn; all its actions are passive and reactive (counterspelling, blocking, etc). I think it goes hand and hand with the issue of prefering to cast everything at sorcery speed that I talked about above. The AI needs to be taught how to exploit that the oponent is tapped out to cast flash and instant cards or use instant effects at the end of the player's turn. I think this would greatly increase AI's uses of its turns.

edit 6:

Transmute: The AI doesn't use transmute.

Ninjutsu: The AI doesn't use Ninjutsu.

Forecast: The AI doesn't use Forecast.

Aura stacking - the AI really likes to stack Auras on a single creature, and then ignore any abilities conferred by that aura. Two auras giving first strike, two auras giving unblockable, etc. It keeps happening.

Failure to recognize deathtouch - I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think the AI doesn't recognize the threat of a Deathouch creature; I've seen it very willing (aka: everytime I see) to chump-block 1/3 and 2/3 Deathtouch creatures with a 3/3 - probably thinking it it would just destroy the player's creatures.

Failure to recognize creatures unable to block - a creature can't block? Is the only creature untaped? The AI still doesn't attack.
excellent find...

Tapping out for X effects: When an effect has X on its cost the AI taps ALL mana, not just enough to use it. For example, tapping 10 mana for a Green Sun Zennith... to get a Llanowar Elf.

edit 7:

Infect: - Ai fails to evaluate the exact threat of poison; a lot of the time the AI has enough blockers but instead of blocking takes lethal poison damage
thats embarrassing thank you for pointing it out...yeah I didn't do too much along the lines of poison danger...I will revisit this.

Combat trick hyperactivity - Combat tricks cards, besides not being used in the actual combat phases, are used too soon.
or too late which is the case with "fog" cards.

Boosting Creatures With Summoning Sickness - I had ridiculous situations in which a Glitering Elf was cast on first turn, then pumped with 4 Mutagenic Growths. Next turn the AI dropped land and a Rancor. The AI was too eager to boost the elf, turning a very probable turn 2 win of 4 Mutagenic Growth + Rancor on the elf at turn 2 into an embarrassing defeat - an enemy with no cards, no creature and 12 life is very easy to beat.
excellent find...yeah this is exactly what I need to know.

zeth - this post is exactly what I'm looking for...

Positive Surprises

Jace Beleren: Without a doubt the best planeswalker the AI uses, trying to find a good balance between the +1 and -1 abilities to get a powerful draw engine. Every blue AI deck in need of drawing power should have some copies of this cards

Filtering the library: The AI is very good using cantrips, card drawn and - when it is willing to use them - fetchlands to thin the library. If it could use cycling, the AI could be "taught" how to assemble very simple combos - by taught I mean there are no other cards to catch but combo pieces, counterspells and drawing power. This is worth considering to anyone out there trying to make the AI learn to combo.

Gavony Township: This card, my god this card. I wasn't so sure about including it, fearing it would only confuse the AI, but dang, this is the kinda of card that fits the AI decks like a glove. Honestly, if you have an AI green deck filled with creatures, 1-2 copies of this card should be in there. Sure, the AI doesn't use it on the player turn, it usually does it at the beginning of its turn and doesn't use it as a combat trick, but it uses it efficiently and to powerful effect. In fact, the AI loves it so much that when using Primeval Titan it tries to get a copy into play!

Dynamic AI Behavior: The AI keeps surprising you. Even when you think you know which mistakes it will make with certain cards, which strategy it will use, the AI can surprise you. It speaks a lot about the benefits of a more off-the-rails non fixed AI behavior when after playing 20 games straight with the same deck the AI still surprises you. This is clearly the right direction and a massive thumbs up; the quirks of the AI are a good trade off.
I pretty much rewrote the ai keeping just a skeleton of what it used to be. you have no idea how happy it makes me to finally have someone say something positive of this nature. it was always either no feedback or negative...At one point i was making changes and saying to myself "well if they didn't comment negatively then the change must be ok atleast
A Comment On Planeswalker Strategy: Zeth asked if a Planeswalker should be used every turn. Much could be said of that, but the short answer: 99% of turns in which you have a Planeswalker in play you should use an ability. For the long answer: here are some very, very important exceptions:
1) The ability has colateral costs: Like Liliana of the Veil (you would also have do discard, and you want to hold your cards), Tibalt (You don't want to risk discarding a vital card at random), Jace Beleren (you might have an opponent cornered and you don't want him to draw a possible life saving card), etc. These aren't dependent on Loyalty, but can make you NOT want to use an ability this turn.
2) As part of a strategy: you might want to goad an enemy into splitting an attack and attacking a planeswalker, hoping to gain a turn.
There are really rare situations, even rarer from the point of view of the AI: for the AI the planeswalkers should be like 3 sorcery spells which it can cast, cost no mana and it has to discard them at the end of turn - and may (if the planeswalker survives) draw them again next turn. There is no benefit to letting them go unused.
As an aside joke, Planeswalker are supposed to be other players. Maybe they could have their own AI XD.
from what I gather about the planeswalker, they use them alright but pretty much kill the PW way too early sometimes never seeing the ultimate...what I am considering is increasing the chance to use the +1 ability so it builds up enough to cast either the mid or ultimate at some point. without killing the planeswalker...and lowering the chance of using the ability if it would kill the planeswalker without providing AI a instant win from doing so...does that sound like it would be better?

That would indeed be better! Most of the time, the players actually use the +1 abilities very often. Also, on a very competitive/non control match, it is very usual NOT to activate the ultimate, so it is no problem that the AI doesn't activate them very often - planeswalkers have to prove their worth with the other two abilities. Albeit the AI shouldn't be too conservative on their planeswalkers, specially if their converted mana cost is equal or less than 3 and/or its deck plays multiple copies; some Planeswalkers are more useful dead, so you can recast. Let's give me some examples: outside mill decks, Jace Beleren +1 ability was rarely used; instead it was used for it's +1, being effectively a very good spell that allowed you to buy 3 cards for 3. If you have another Jace Beleren on your hand, you can kill it with the -1, draw a card, cast another Jace Beleren and draw yet another card. While Jace Beleren is a planeswalker that actually works better using on a "suicidal" way, there are others that sometime it is better to die. For example, Sorin Lord of Innistrad: it has loyalty 2, but you have a second one. You activate the -2, create an emblem and give your creatures +1/+0. You cast a second Sorin, create another emblem, and now all your creatures get +2/+0 - and you swing to the win.

All these nuances might be too complicated to teach the AI, but I give only an example of situations in which one should keep their 'walkers alive at expense of other options; the AI might kill them too easily, but she can't go on the other side of the spectrum and keep them alive at the expense of usefulness.
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Re: AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by OverlordZetta »

I'll add to this as I continue to test, but here's a start.

-Urza's Lands, Ancient Tomb and Cloudpost are not used as mana-producing lands by the AI. From my experience, the AI won't tap tomb or cloudpost at all, while it taps Urza's lands at random times without casting anything.

-Time Warp- The AI used to use this on you rather then on itself, but when I re-tested it just now it doesn't seem to cast it at all.

-I've noticed some cards will be used by the AI and some won't be cast at all, despite having similar functions. Ex: Green Sun's Zenith will be cast by the ai, but Natural Order won't. Jayemdae tome will be activated by the AI, but Tower of Fortunes won't.
zeth - ai can't pay targeted sacrifice cost, it does not know how to determine what should sac. as for card draw, I purposely reduced the urge to draw cards to avoid the ai milling itself to will use towers, to see it use towers force ai to discard his hand while a tower is in play and there's no risk of mill death.

My experience with planeswalkers and the AI: (Obviously I don't really expect this to be "fixed" anytime soon, as Planeswalkers offer multiple decisions each turn, but I'll just document what I've discovered.)

Garruk Wildspeaker: AI uses a mix of the untap and token creation abilities.

Sorin of Inn., Elspeth, Garruk, Primal Hunter: The AI will repeatedly use their token generating effects. These, along with Garruk Wildspeaker, might be useable in an AI deck for token generation, but unfortunately, they often don't use an ability every turn.
is it rarely using the other abilities or it ONLY uses the token gen and nothing more...also should ai always use an ability every turn on planeswalker? is this customary for how people play them?

Jace, Memory Adept: The ai will use the mill 10 ability VERY RARELY, otherwise, nothing at all.

Ajani Goldmane, Chandra Nalaar- WIll use +1 abilities. (Not very usefull.)

Ajani Vengeant- Will use -2 ability, then nothing else.

Jace Beleran, Tibalt, Tamiyo- No ability use at all.

Interesting that you saw the AI using Jace Beleran effectively... I haven't had any luck with it at all. When I've seen the AI cast it, it just never uses any abilities.
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Re: AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by Rustus »

AI has issues with Exalted... almost always swings with everything.
great point, as if it doesnt understand it at all
Also, it doesn't swing with unblockables, even when it would be a winning move. Won't even swing with a flyer if I have nothing with flying or Reach. (This has been mentioned before though)

I've also seen it waste mana-producing instants like Dark Ritual or Geosurge. Though Hints could solve that (If I could figure out how to use them properly lol)

However, almost every planeswalker I have encountered used by the AI would shock me in how they use them. I keep saying it but Tezzeret the Seeker's X ability for Seat of the Synod, and more recently Jace, Memory Adept spamming its 0 cost (And blocking every move made toward him with Fog Banks and Guard Gomazoas, something I would do too). Elspeth spams tokens, but once fired her emblem. AI did also manage to Ultimate with Tibalt... and that was that... No more Rustus lol.

The AI also seemed to do well with some custom cards I added... including all 5 custom walkers... My black walker's abilities amounted to Disfigure, Snuff Out, and a near carbon copy of Sarkhan Vol's Dragon summons (but with demons instead)... Never disfigured its own creatures, though I only ever saw it Snuff Out once... and it even fired his ultimate.

The only issue with Walkers I had was with the AI and Koth of the Hammer... Would spam its animate ability and tap the animated land for mana or not even attack with it.
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Re: AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by Zethfox »

ok from here on lets try not to restate the same thing thats been mentioned. Hoping to get more info then what we have so far. this will literally be what next wagic release will be based is very sad if this thread doesn't gain some more steam.
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Re: AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by KF1 »

name=Xathrid Gorgon

Ai will have one or more Xathrid Gorgon in play but instead of petrifying my creatures, it will petrify one of its own Xathrid Gorgons. I think the AI treats them as if the Xathrid Gorgons were Steel Overseers. This happens regularly and in the twenty or so games I played the AI never petrified my creatures.
great report and thanks on the feedback for counterspell. If you get a chance fight the new deck 107 which is a counterspell deck. Ai will literally frustrate you and have you feeling like you should ask "may I please cast ....?
quick note on gorgon, it is not completely correct in that draft of cards..but it points out to me that ai has no way of telling if a named counter is good or bad.

BTW: I think the AI does a decent job with counterspell type cards. I have been Force of Willed, Negated and Cancelled many, many times appropriately and much to my pleasant surprise.
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Re: AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by ph34rbot »

Whe the ai uses a creature that has the option to move a card from the deck to the hand the AI will ignote the effect, example: stoneforge mystic

A long time ago the AI was very good with this type of effect (changes due to fear of the AI decking itself?)
just changes in general, before ai wouldn't be able to see effect of moving from battlefield to hand ect..only from library to hand.. I made alot of change to this and never got any feedback so i decided it was fine...thank you for the feedback
The AI casts Time Warp on the human player (lol, thanks), not on itself
haha omg no! lol yeah I need to fix that..
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Re: AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by Professor Rizzo »

I played against 25 random decks and here are my observations:

-Ai does not seem to consider strength of attackers vs defenders appropriately or account for lifelink. For example it had 3 1/1 tokens (pumped up to 2/2 by honor of the pure) and a 2/2 artifact creature. I had a 4/4 and 5/5 flying lifelink and was at 18 life. I killed two creatures and gained a life by defending. The AI should defend in situations like this as attacking offers no benefit.

-Ai has trouble with enchant lands often enchanting my lands with beneficial effects such as wild growth. With mana burn non-existent, there is no logical reason for the ai to do this unless it is part of some combo.

-Ai fails to consider first strike when attacking. I attacked with a 5/5 flying first strike lifelink, it blocked with 3 2/2 flyers. This would be appropriate if the attacker did not have first strike, but since it did the AI lost 2 creatures. In this situation the AI should block with enough creatures to kill after accounting for first strike, block with only one creature so only one dies or just let the creature go thru. Currently it is choosing a tactic worse than any of these.

-Ai played sandstorm (deals one damage to each attacking creature) on the first turn of the game. There were no creatures on the battlefield. In general the Ai seems to struggle with situational type instant cards like this. It plays artifacts like black vise and ankh of mishra when it is supposed to (ASAP). But with instants it seems to struggle.

-Ai plays bounce lands inappropriately. For example it played "Azorius Chancery" on the first turn and since you have to return a land to your own hand when playing it, it bounced itself back into the hand completely wasting a turn. 2 turns later, when it had an island out it played it correctly though. However later it had 2 plains an island and another "Azorius Chancery" and kept playing it and bouncing it. Not sure if it had any other lands in its hand, but it definitely shouldn't be doing this.

-Ai doesn't get spirit link when I enchant one of its creatures with it. It will still attack with the creature which in the end does nothing but tap it. It will even attack when the creature can be blocked and killed, or blocked and not killed which is even worse since it is just removing a potential blocker for itself and giving me life.

-Ai will attack for little effect when overmatched. Had 7/7 flyer and 35 life and it had 6 cretures on the board, and yet it decided to attack just 2 creatures, a 1/1 flyer and a 2/1 flyer. It lost a creature and I lost 1 life. Ai should hoard its creatures in this scenario not send its creatures to die.

-Ai enchanted one of its own powerful creatures a 5/5 with ocular halo (tap creature to draw a card). That is ok, but it waited until the beginning of my turn upkeep to use it. It should wait until after I attack or the end of my second phase to do this since tapping its own creature removes a useful blocker. I was able to crush its weaker creatures since it kept doing this. A few times it never used the draw ability. Also it activated the secondary effect of ocular halo ((W) give target creature vigilance until end of turn) AFTER its creatures attack. This has no effect and wastes mana

-Ai attacks with creatures that have 0 power even when the AI has no way to pump up its power. This should not happen since it again removes a useful blocker for no reason.
not always true...there is an ai hint you can you to stop that, but this will no change...think exaulted ability and attack based triggers...

-Ai casted pestermite (creature, when it comes into play you can tap or untap a permanent) it used it to untap on e of my lands. Should never do this. Should tap my land or untap one of its own

-Ai will play cards that stacks the same ability. Put 2 flaming swords (gives creature first strike and +1/0) on a creature that had first strike. Not a terrible move but would be better if it spread this out among other creatures.

-Ai continues to enchant creatures when they are useless. I put pacifism on one of its creatures and it still kept enchanting it with cards such as firebreathing.

-Ai uses Llanowar elves as a mana source to cast things even when it has untapped lands and I have no defenders. Should use them as attackers and its land to cast.

-Ai will use cards to incapacitate my creatures like pacify (creature cant attack or block), but will not target the strongest one. Seems to target them randomly often doing it to weaker creatures or ones I wouldn't attack with.

-Ai played festering goblin immediately sacked it to -1/-1 a 3/3 creature then ended its turn. Should only use this ability when it can kill one of my creatures or save one of its own.

-AI casted spike worker and kept removing a +1/+1 counter from itself to add a +1/+1 counter to itself. Not detrimental, but annoying.

_Ai casted spike feeder( 0/0, comes in with 2 +1 counters, can remove them to gain life) and immediately sacked it to gain two life even when I had no creatures on the board. Should have used it as an attacker.

-Ai has some issues with protection from X. It had a knight of dawn (2/2 can gain protection of color of choice). I kept attacking with a 6/6 black creature and it could have easily given its knight protection from black and blocked. Never did. Eventually attacked with it, I blocked with the bigger creature and it never gave it the protection from black which would have saved it.

Other non-specifc observations:
-Ai generally countered spells appropriately
-Ai has strong understanding of haste casting creatures with it and attacking with them appropriately
-Ai pretty much almost always attacks appropriately when theres no defenders
-Ai seems to play burn decks pretty well using cards like lightning bolt correctly

excellent report this is great for really tweaking ai
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Re: AI knowledge of cards request thread.

Post by Zethfox »

just an update bought a new keyboard so I will resume ai improvements as soon as I get a day off from work. main focus is the combo system for ai. then I will start going down these reports one by one seeing if I can improve some of these really annoying or what seems like "random" use of cards ai is doing....just a note guys, nothing is "random" when ai is targeting or doing something, it is coded to do so by rating it against every card in the field. after it determines that it will play a card it will not back down. it will fill the target chooser with the best choice it can currently think of. the problem has been that without the wonderful feedback we are getting here, the improvements were not done as new abilities are added. so when ai sees a card that saids "creature gets 1/1, at end of turn you lose the game" it sees "oh i can give something 1/1" but doesn't understand that it will lose the game at the end of turn, because it was never taught that a card can have a positive effect with a bad trigger.

of course I extremely over simplified that example for you guys, it's actually far far more complex code then that.
anyways please keep these reports and those ai decks rolling in. :D
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