Upgrade PSP version ?

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Upgrade PSP version ?

Post by Enarkz »

Is there a way to add M13 M14 M15 and others on the psp version of the game ? The last build supported for PSP is from 2012, does it makes something ? I'm really new to wagic sorry if this is a noob question.

Thank in advance
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Re: Upgrade PSP version ?

Post by Bas »

Sorry for the late reply.
My suggestion would be to take my build, it DOES have some quirks in it:
http://www.wololo.net/forum/viewtopic.p ... 543#p98543

Sets up to AER, IIRC.
Shop might work better if you have less decks than me, and sometimes after you played 1-3 games, weirdly enough, or before you go to the deck list menu.
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Re: Upgrade PSP version ?

Post by Vitty85 »


New Official Wagic version 0.22.3 has been released.

I updated all the links in the previous post: http://wololo.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f ... =20#p99279

Let me know it there is any problem with new release, see you soon ;)
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