Tribal/Theme Decks for Wagic AI!!

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Tribal/Theme Decks for Wagic AI!!

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These are some creature based mono colored tribal/theme decks I built for Wagic AI.
All cards are supported by Wagic 0.16.0 except for the six Innistrad cards, although you can add them since they are also supported by this version.

Innistrad Cards used:
Champion of the Parish (ISD) – deck 9
Diregraf Ghoul (ISD) – deck 12
Victim of Night (ISD) – deck 12 vshare

Endless Ranks of the Dead (ISD) – deck 12
Typhoid Rats (ISD) – deck 17
Balefire Dragon (ISD) – deck 21
This two cards will also not show up but they are supported: (It's either you edit the deck or your primitives plus _cards.dat)
Korlash, Heir to Blackblade (FUT) – “Korlash Heir to Blackblade” in Wagic 16, no comma – deck 12
Primordial Hydra (M12) - “Primeordial Hydra” in Wagic 16, with the “e” - deck 15
All decks are created following the Legacy format (so no moxes, black vise, skullclamps, etc.), except for the last deck where I use the Vintage format.

I did a lot of testing to see to it that the AI will not waste those precious cards, since card advantage is a major factor in this game.
There are total of 30 decks where I tried not to repeat cards as much as possible but still maintaining the theme and the strength of the decks.
It really took some time (and tweaks, and watching AI demos, and actual playtest against the AI using constructed decks).
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Re: Tribal/Theme Decks for Wagic AI!!

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I guess this is an old post, so probably you are a BOT.
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