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afraid this is not an AI deck, just enjoy playing it:D

4 Elvish archdruid tap to add G for each elf in play
2 feral hydra XG comes into play w X 1/1 counters
2 fyndhorn elves tap to add G
3 hurricane XG does X dmg to all flying and players
3 instill energy G enchant crea may tap in first turn, may tap 1 more time each turn
2 kamakhl, fist of krosa 4GG 4/3 3GG all creatures get +3/3 and trample, G forest becomes 1/1 crea until end of turn (doesnt tap when using abilites!)
3 llanowar elves tap to add G
2 murkfind liege 4/4 untap all crea at end of turn (useful w wellwishers)
4 priest of titania tap to add G for each elf in play
2 regal force 4GGG 5/5 draw 1 card for each green permanent you control
1 rofellos tap to add G for each forest you control
4 souls majesty draw card equal power of target creature you control
4 wellwisher tap to add 1 life for each elf in play
24 forests

get down manaelves, then a big creature, cast 1 or 2 souls majesty and suddenly you have ½ your deck down in turn 12. next turn you boost all creatures w +3/3 and trample 3-11 (!!!) times and attack. reduces opponent to -200life in 12 turns (your 6th).
althernatively get a wellwisher w instill energy down as well as mana elves and hurricane your opponent to death.
There's a few issues like having only mana and no spells that keeps it from being absolute top win % (77% on hard) but its fun.
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Re: elfboom

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Can you please post the txt format of this deck?
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