Aluren (Require Confirmation)

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Aluren (Require Confirmation)

Post by zhdarkstar »

I came up with a dirty workaround to get Aluren to function. Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a way to make the reduced cost optional nor could I get it to not stack with other cost reducers.

Code: Select all

auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|myhand) flash forcedalive
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|opponenthand) flash forcedalive
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|myhand) altercost(white,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|opponenthand) altercost(white,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|myhand) altercost(black,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|opponenthand) altercost(black,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|myhand) altercost(blue,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|opponenthand) altercost(blue,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|myhand) altercost(red,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|opponenthand) altercost(red,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|myhand) altercost(green,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|opponenthand) altercost(green,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|myhand) altercost(colorless,-3)
auto=lord(creature[manacost<=3]|opponenthand) altercost(colorless,-3)
text=Any player may play creature cards with converted mana cost 3 or less without paying their mana cost and as though they had flash.
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Re: Aluren (Require Confirmation)

Post by Rustus »

I compared the coding for this to similar cards: in this case the Tempest Medallion cycle, the Scourge Warchief cycle (for lording reduced mana cost), Quick Sliver, and Yeva, Nature's Herald (for lording flash).

In comparison, this coding should work. I am going to test it as coded and get back with you.
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Re: Aluren (Require Confirmation)

Post by sandman423 »

Tried this card and it is not opponents end step I have a lot of elves in hand 3 or less casting cost that I can't cast for free...

ANyone else having issues with the code?
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