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Re: ALOT of amazing stuff... :P

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:01 am
by Zethfox
Norrin wrote:Well thats a lot of stuff..gotta add it all and check what i can use probably a lot of new deck ideas could come now, really nice job.
While looking at the "choose a color" cards, something came to my mind : Invasion legendary dragon cicle. Ill leave that to you as a suggestion...or a challenge :D
not a challenge at all, just very time consuming and i would need to spawn a token with the "{2}{G}:effect" and bury it at the combat end...i would need to simply because when i was trying to code the 5 dragons...i made the effect trigger on would grant the dragon the effect that you could click him and pay for....probelm combat he was able to still use the effect...ill come up with something...