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PSP Trophy Room Problem (Closed)

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 10:00 am
by KF1
I am having trouble finding a PSP friendly ANTIQUITIES set.

The current Antiquities set I have works fine on the PC.

My PSP version of the Antiquities set has all the thumbnails at 45x64, the cards are 201x285. All the collection numbers on the _dat file match with the card pictures which are .jpg files.

Only 3 of the 57 available cards for Wagic's Antiquities set show up in the PSP version. They are: Argivian Archaeologist, Dragon Engine and Mishra's Factory (Summer w/balloon).

I have done a complete reinstall of Wagic.

I have tried hbl79 and hbl85.

I have deleted the old PSP friendly Antiquities set and reinstalled it and got nowhere.

I have rescaled the HQ Antiquities set I use for my PC and have not got the Antiquities set to show up on my PSP.


[EDIT ABRA - not sure exacly what was the issue nor what the solution did...might move it archive]

Re: PSP Antiquities Trophy Room Problem- Resolved

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 5:37 pm
by KF1
Aside from Antiquities, I had a few cards disappear from other PSP friendly sets like Shards of Alara and Ravenica.

I think I fixed my problem.

I ended up copying my PC version of Wagic player profile and stats over to my PSP Wagic file.

I have no idea why that worked but that seems to have done the trick.